ATT opt-in rates for gaming climb to 37% as users grow more data savvy | Pocket

Impressive Growth in ATT Opt-In Rates for Gaming

According to the latest data from analytics firm Adjust, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) has seen a rise in opt-in rates on mobile, particularly in the gaming category. With an impressive 37% opt-in rate, gaming has surpassed other app categories. The second-highest opt-in rate is for the food and drink category at 36%, while education has the lowest rate at 7%, likely due to stricter guidelines regarding data collection of younger users.

The Top Genres with High Opt-In Rates

Among gaming genres, hypercasual games have the highest opt-in rate at 44%, followed by sports and racing games at 44% and 40% respectively. Hybridcasual games have a slightly lower but still significant opt-in rate of 39%. On the other hand, family and education genres have the lowest opt-in rates at 2% and 4% respectively, primarily due to compliance reasons.

Reasons for Higher Opt-In Rates in Hypercasual Games

The higher opt-in rate in hypercasual games can be attributed to the user base being more aware of the benefits of targeted advertising, as it helps them discover their next favorite game. Adjust suggests that developers and publishers can increase their own ATT opt-in rates by implementing cross-promotion strategies. In fact, the opt-in rate for hypercasual game installs from cross-promotion can reach a whopping 59%.

No Need to Fear the ATT-pocalypse

Adjust’s data indicates that the consistent rise in ATT opt-in rates should alleviate concerns surrounding the introduction of ATT. Genres like hypercasual can increase opt-ins by emphasizing the benefits of targeted advertising and targeting more data-savvy demographics who understand the purpose of data collection. In addition, ensuring an improved onboarding experience and user interface is crucial. While attribution tools like Apple’s SkAdNetwork have produced positive results, first-party data obtained with user consent remains the most effective for precise attribution. GameRefinery’s data suggests that the optimal time to push ATT notifications is within the first 6-30 seconds.

The Importance of Attribution and Data on iOS

As Apple prepares to introduce privacy manifests detailing app data collection, it becomes increasingly important for developers and publishers to navigate attribution and data on iOS.