Project Zomboid – How to Attack (Every Type of Attack)

How to Attack in Project Zomboid

In the game Project Zomboid, mastering the skill of attacking zombies is crucial for your survival. In this guide, we will provide you with the necessary information on how to attack in Project Zomboid.

How to Attack With Bare Hands

When you are unable to find a weapon in the early stages of the game, it becomes essential to know how to engage in combat using only your bare hands. To attack zombies without any weapons, you need to right-click to aim and left-click to push them down. Alternatively, you can combine the Space key with the left mouse button to shove the zombies. These moves are a combination of shove and stomp. The shove move does not cause any damage but can knock the zombie down. Once the zombie is on the ground, you can perform a stomp on its chest or head to ensure it does not get back up.

It is important to note that this strategy is effective when dealing with 1-2 zombies at a time. If you find yourself surrounded by a horde, it is recommended to either avoid them or attract only a few to your location. Additionally, your character’s strength level plays a significant role in the success of these moves. As your strength skill increases, you will have a higher chance of knocking down a zombie and killing it with a single stomp.

How to Attack With Melee Weapons

If you come across melee weapons in Project Zomboid, you can equip them to enhance your attacks. Right-click on the weapon in your inventory and select “Equip Primary/Secondary/Both Hands.” Once equipped, use the right mouse button to aim at the zombies and left-click to attack. Melee weapons in the game are categorized into six types: Axe, Short Blunt, Long Blunt, Long Blade, Short Blade, and Spear. Each weapon corresponds to a specific combat skill.

It is beneficial to focus on one weapon type to gain experience points quickly. The axe, katana, and crowbar are highly recommended as they have the potential to kill a zombie with a single swing. Your combat skill level and strength level will determine the speed, damage, critical chance, and possibility to knock down zombies while using melee weapons.

How to Attack With Firearms

To use guns effectively in Project Zomboid, you need to equip them by right-clicking and selecting “Equip in Your Primary/Secondary/Both Hands.” Guns require magazines to function, so ensure you have the appropriate magazine for your gun. Right-click on the ammo or magazine and select “Insert Bullets in Magazine” to load it. Attach the magazine to the gun by right-clicking on it. Shotguns are an exception as they can directly hold shells without a magazine.

Using firearms requires knowledge of aiming and reloading. The higher your aiming skill, the more accurate and precise your shots will be. Reloading skill is necessary for faster manipulation of magazines. Find the undead, aim with the right mouse button until you see the green targeting reticle, and left-click to shoot.

How to Attack With Throwables

Project Zomboid also offers throwable weapons such as Molotov cocktails, bombs, and noise makers. However, smoke bombs and noise makers do not cause damage to zombies and are more suitable for diversionary tactics. To use throwables, equip them and perform a basic attack to throw them. Molotov cocktails require a lighter to be equipped in the secondary slot before throwing.

Throwables can deal significant damage and cause fires that spread over a wide area. Be cautious when using them in confined spaces or your base. It is advisable to use throwables in open areas with a large number of zombies.

That concludes our guide on how to attack in Project Zomboid. If you have any further suggestions or tips, feel free to let us know in the comments below!