What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Review

Season 5 of What We Do in the Shadows Kicks Off with Hilarious Transformations and Dynamic Shifts

In the season 4 finale of What We Do in the Shadows, Guillermo made a bold decision to pay his own way into the ranks of the undead, setting up a cliffhanger for the upcoming season. Season 5 picks up right where the finale left off, with Guillermo’s transformation into a vampire hunter-turned-vampire named Derek. The “first time” experience between Derek and Guillermo turns into a hilariously awkward and bloody mess, taking the show’s already over-the-top portrayals of vampire stories to new heights.

Guillermo’s problems are Season 5’s funniest thread

As Guillermo tries to navigate his newfound vampire existence, he encounters various challenges and complications. The transformation itself is stunted, resulting in a grotesque and absurd mix of CGI and prosthetics. Guillermo’s journey leads him to discover a violation of vampire hierarchy that has been kept secret, showcasing the show’s ability to create its own vampire society rules.

One of the highlights of the first four episodes of the new season is Guillermo’s hilarious problems, particularly when Laszlo gets involved. Laszlo, known for his quack science experiments, adds his charm to the mix, resulting in a shocking and gory experiment conducted with the help of ancient vampire Baron Afanas. The show continues to disrupt the mundane with humorous amounts of gore.

Guillermo’s transformation also affects his relationship with his vampire master Nandor the Relentless. Nandor, seeking ways to please Guillermo and fill the void left by their distant relationship, throws him an awkward birthday dinner. The possibility of a romantic turn in their relationship is hinted at, adding a new dynamic to the show.

Season 5 also sees the return of Colin Robinson, the wryly annoying energy vampire. Colin explores new frontiers of energy draining, leaving his office job to become an inept waiter and engaging in a predictably disastrous but consistently funny run for office.

Nadja remains self-obsessed as ever, blaming others for the failure of her vampire nightclub. The Guide, portrayed by Kristen Schaal, attempts to win Nadja’s friendship to gain entry into the vampire house, leading to a Freaky Friday-inspired plot. Nadja’s physical acting shines in this storyline, incorporating the recurring gag of the doll with her mortal ghost.

The third episode of the season, “Pride,” brings chaos and triumph as the gang is called in as consultants for a Pride parade. The episode showcases the ensemble’s bizarre and silly drama, highlighting why these vampires choose to spend eternity together. What We Do in the Shadows continues to be a delightfully fun show to watch.