Best Shikai in Type Soul

Ranking the 11 Shikai in Type Soul: Find Out Which Ones Are the Best

In the game Type Soul, there are a total of 11 different Shikai, each with its own unique uses. However, not all Shikai are created equal. In this comprehensive guide, we will rank every Shikai in Type Soul, so you can determine which ones are the best and why. Let’s dive in!

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Obtaining a Shikai in Type Soul

In order to acquire a Shikai in Type Soul, you must first become a Soul Reaper. Hollows are not able to obtain or utilize Shikai.

Once you have become a Soul Reaper, you need to reach Grade Level 2 by successfully completing missions and defeating enemies. Following that, you must complete 30 sets of meditation, which will take approximately 90 minutes in total. Upon your fourth meditation, you will face your Shikai in a duel.

It is advised not to acquire any moves before challenging your Shikai. If you do so, your Shikai opponent will also possess those moves, making the fight considerably more difficult. Instead, it is recommended to maintain distance with your Shadow Step dash and strike when your Shikai misses its attack.

After defeating your Shikai, you will unlock your own Shikai and gain the ability to use it by pressing J when your sword is drawn.

Ranking the Shikai in Type Soul

The 11 Shikai in Type Soul are as follows: Confusion, Berserk, Ice, Creation, Wind, Shadow, Lightning, Blood, Fire, Water, and Ink. Each Shikai offers a unique gameplay experience and possesses different moves. Below is a tier list ranking the Shikai based on overall damage, moveset, and viability.

S-tier Shikai – Type Soul

Blood is undoubtedly the best Shikai in Type Soul. It boasts incredibly powerful moves that simultaneously heal and harm. Missing an attack results in the loss of health, while landing one grants health regeneration. Mastering Blood Shikai requires great skill, but it is well worth the effort.

Ice is another S-tier Shikai that excels in both defense and offense. Unlike Blood, Ice does not require extensive mastery and is suitable for players of all skill levels.

Ink occupies the final spot in the S-tier due to its unique ability to disable enemy moves. Additionally, Ink enables players to slow down opponents and bridge large gaps during combat.

A-tier Shikai – Type Soul

Berserk is an A-tier Shikai that offers powerful attacks without reaching the broken level of the S-tier. It enables players to increase their attack speed, possesses a potent Area of Effect (AoE) attack, and provides healing and defense capabilities.

Fire is an excellent Shikai in Type Soul as it applies a burn effect to the target. The inherently strong moves of Fire Shikai, coupled with the ability to deal ticking burn damage to opponents, make it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

B-tier Shikai – Type Soul

  • Shadow
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Confusion

Shadow, despite its appealing aesthetics, is a B-tier Shikai due to its lengthy execution time for moves. While skilled players can effortlessly outmaneuver their enemies using Shadow, it lacks the competitive prowess of higher-tier Shikai.

Water is a reliable Shikai that grants mobility and the ability to drain Reiatsu from opponents. Although Water Shikai moves may not deal as much damage as those in the S and A tiers, it delivers an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Wind, while decent, falters due to its high move requirements. Utilizing Wind Crown or Wind Prison for an ultimate move proves challenging, and the damage output is underwhelming.

Confusion, in my opinion, is the most challenging Shikai to master in Type Soul. While its potency is evident when used correctly, the abilities primarily focus on confusing the enemy rather than inflicting direct damage.

C-tier Shikai – Type Soul

Lightning reigns supreme as the best movement-focused Shikai in Type Soul. However, it lacks effectiveness in combat situations. Lightning moves are better utilized for chasing down opponents, a scenario that rarely presents itself.

Creation occupies the lowest ranking among the Shikai in Type Soul. The moves require significant mastery to be effective. Rather than focusing on a Shikai with powerful moves like Blood, Creation demands substantial time investment to achieve mastery and falls short as a viable option for high DPS.

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