Don’t Starve Together – How to Stay Warm

Surviving the Winter in Don’t Starve Together

Surviving the Winter in Don’t Starve Together can be a challenging task. The freezing temperatures make it difficult to stay warm and avoid freezing. In this guide, we will explore the four main ways to stay warm in Don’t Starve Together: using the Thermal Stone, wearing warm clothes, using heat sources, and eating hot food.

How to Stay Warm in Don’t Starve Together

Before Winter arrives, it is essential to gather materials such as grass, twigs, rocks, flints, silks, and beefalo wool. Additionally, try hunting the Koalefant for its trunk and consider making a base near the Beefalo herd if possible. Once you are prepared, you can delve into the four methods to stay warm.

1. Thermal Stone

One of the most effective ways to deal with the freezing temperature is by using the Thermal Stone. It is relatively cheap to craft, requiring only 10 Rocks, 1 Pickaxe, and 3 Flints. Once crafted, place the Thermal Stone near a fire source until it turns red-orange. Then, you can carry it in your inventory and take it with you wherever you go. A red-orange Thermal Stone lasts approximately two days and has eight uses by default. Each time the Thermal Stone changes color from red-orange to white, its durability decreases by one. However, it can still help you survive the cold throughout the 15-day Winter. Additionally, the Thermal Stone can absorb heat from any light source, making it convenient to recharge it along your journey.

2. Warm Clothes and Beards

Wearing warm clothes is another effective way to stay warm in Don’t Starve Together. Some clothing items provide insulation points, which slow down the reduction of temperature. However, you can only wear up to three pieces at a time, covering your head, chest, and face. The table below shows clothing items with their corresponding insulation values and slots:

  • Rabbit Earmuffs – Insulation: 60 – Slot: Head
  • Dapper Vest – Insulation: 60 – Slot: Chest
  • Breezy Vest – Insulation: 60 – Slot: Chest
  • Cat Cap – Insulation: 60 – Slot: Head
  • Rain Coat – Insulation: 60 – Slot: Chest
  • Winter Hat – Insulation: 120 – Slot: Head
  • Tam o’ Shanter – Insulation: 120 – Slot: Head
  • Beefalo Hat – Insulation: 240 – Slot: Head
  • Puffy Vest – Insulation: 240 – Slot: Chest
  • Hibearnation Vest – Insulation: 240 – Slot: Chest
  • Wilson’s Magnificent Beard – Insulation: 0-135 – Slot: Face
  • Webber’s Silky Smooth Beard – Insulation: 0-67.5 – Slot: Face
  • Woodie’s Beard – Insulation: 45 – Slot: Face

The Rain Coat, Winter Hat, Tam o’ Shanter, Beefalo Hat, and Puffy Vest are the most effective clothing items for the head and chest slots. The Tam o’ Shanter can be obtained from the Walrus with a 25% chance, while the others can be crafted if you have a good supply of silk and tentacles. It’s also worth mentioning that the face slot is only available for specific characters with beards, including Wilson, Woodie, and Webber. Combining the Beefalo Hat, Puffy Vest, and a max-length Wilson’s beard should provide sufficient protection from the cold. If needed, you can also carry the Thermal Stone for extra heat and insulation. Keep in mind that clothing and beards only slow down the freezing process; they don’t completely prevent it.

3. Heat Sources

The third method to stay warm is by standing next to a heat source. This can be a campfire, a fire pit, a dwarf’s star, or even a burning tree. Using a heat source is the most common and resource-efficient way to stay warm. However, each heat source has its downsides.

A campfire is portable and relatively cheap to craft, but it only lasts for 270 seconds, and the heat gradually decreases unless you add fuel. On the other hand, a fire pit lasts up to 540 seconds but cannot be moved once placed. Burning trees or other burnable objects with a torch is a cost-effective way to create instant heat for a few seconds. You can repeat this process multiple times with just one torch. However, always be cautious of the surroundings to prevent fires from spreading. Once you have fully explored the Ruins and crafted a Star Caller’s Staff, the dwarf star will become your main source of light, heat, and sanity aura. A single staff can produce 20 stars, each lasting 3.5 in-game days, providing a reliable and powerful heat source.

4. Hot Food

Surprisingly, certain types of food in Don’t Starve Together can temporarily increase a character’s temperature. The table below displays different foods and their respective effect durations:

  • Fire Nettle Fronds – Effect: +60 degrees for 1 minute
  • Hot Dragon Chili Salad – Effect: +40 degrees for 5 minutes
  • Kabobs – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Stuffed Pepper Poppers – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Figkabab – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Figgy Frogwich – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Meaty Stew – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Spicy Chili – Effect: +15 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Dragonpie – Effect: +10 degrees for 10 seconds
  • Honey Ham – Effect: +10 degrees for 10 seconds
  • Turkey Dinner – Effect: +10 degrees for 10 seconds
  • Stuffed Eggplant – Effect: +5 degrees for 5 seconds
  • Bunny Stew – Effect: +5 degrees for 5 seconds
  • Soothing Tea – Effect: +5 degrees for 5 seconds

Aside from Fire Nettle Fronds and Hot Dragon Chili Salad, other food items increase the character’s temperature by 1 degree per second. Keep in mind that these foods primarily serve the purpose of fulfilling health, sanity, and hunger needs. Therefore, consuming them solely for warmth is not efficient unless you have leftovers.

That covers the essential methods for staying warm in Don’t Starve Together! If you have any additional suggestions or tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.