Hellboy Web of Wyrd Gameplay Trailer Drops Alongside New Details

Hellboy Web of Wyrd: More Gameplay Trailer Released

The recent reveal of Hellboy Web of Wyrd at the Game Awards showcased its comic-like aesthetics and set the tone for the game. Now, Upstream Arcade has released a more substantial trailer, featuring even more gameplay footage, giving fans a deeper look into the upcoming title.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd Takes Place in 1982

The IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase provided a platform for Web of Wyrd to make an appearance. Although the trailer was still relatively short, it showcased snippets of gameplay that appeared to draw inspiration from titles like Sifu and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, with its focus on intense melee combat against towering adversaries.

In an interview with Xbox Wire, the developers at Upstream Arcade revealed that the size of the enemies was a key focus for the team. Hellboy may be a large character, but he often finds himself battling foes even larger than himself. The team drew inspiration from the action sequences in the Hellboy comics to develop Hellboy’s fighting style, ensuring an authentic portrayal of his encounters with strange and powerful entities.

The decision to set the game in 1982 was also intentional. Upstream Arcade wanted to immerse players in the midst of Hellboy’s adventures with the Bureau of Paranormal, Research and Defense (BPRD) without disrupting the established comic book stories. Collaborating with Dark Horse, the studio ensured that Web of Wyrd captures the essence of Hellboy’s early comics, introducing players to classic elements such as Hellboy as a BPRD agent, global folklore, and a multitude of monstrous creatures. The game’s visuals were designed to mirror the renowned art style of creator Mike Mignola, creating a unique and authentic Hellboy game experience.

Both Mike Mignola and Dark Horse collaborator Katii O’Brien have been heavily involved in the development of Web of Wyrd. Mignola expressed excitement about the project, while O’Brien, who has been with Dark Horse since 2015, contributed to the game’s characters and levels, ensuring their alignment with the Hellboy Universe.

The trailer also features the voice talent of the late Lance Reddick, who portrayed the titular character in the game. Despite only speaking three words in the debut trailer, his presence added an extra layer of authenticity. Following his passing, Mignola and the game’s official Twitter account expressed their condolences.

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