A New Zelda Themed Switch Controller Is On The Way From Hori

Hori Announces Zelda-Themed Horipad Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

Third-party controller manufacturer, Hori, has unveiled a new Zelda-themed version of its Horipad wired controller for Nintendo Switch. Set to release on October 5, the controller is officially licensed by Nintendo and features a striking white and gold color scheme along with a black monochrome decal of Link from Twilight Princess on the right handle.

The Zelda-themed Horipad offers several notable features. Despite being a wired controller, it comes with a lengthy ten-foot USB cable, ensuring compatibility with most gaming setups. Additionally, it includes fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, a detachable D-pad adapter, and a turbo button. However, it is important to note that the controller lacks gyro and vibration functions present in Nintendo’s official Joycons and Switch Pro controllers.

The new Zelda-themed Horipad wired controller can be preordered on Amazon for $30.

Furthermore, Hori has additional Zelda-themed controllers in the pipeline. Preorders are currently available for the Tears of the Kingdom Hori Split Pad Pro, set to be released on August 31, which supports standard Switch and Switch OLED models. Additionally, a wireless Zelda-themed Horipad Pro, featuring motion control support, is scheduled for release on July 28.

Aside from Hori’s offerings, there are also other Zelda-themed gamepads available from Zengrip, IINE, PDP, and PowerA. Furthermore, the official Tears of the Kingdom Switch model may still be found for purchase online.

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