Pokémon Sleep (Open Beta) – An Absolute Snoozefest

Pokémon Sleep: The New App That Gamifies Your Naptime

Pokémon Sleep, the highly anticipated app for Android devices, has finally been released as an open beta in select regions. Developed by Select Button, the same team behind Magikarp Jump, Pokémon Sleep aims to not only promote healthy sleep patterns but also engage players with familiar mobile game tactics. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the game and share our first impressions.

Introducing Professor Neroli

When you first launch Pokémon Sleep, you’ll meet Professor Neroli, a sleep specialist who studies Pokémon sleeping patterns. Professor Neroli needs your help to gather data on different sleep styles, so every time you go to sleep, you’re contributing to the research. The app bombards you with tutorials and menus, but the main focus is on documenting your sleep and assisting Professor Neroli.

If privacy is a concern, you’ll be relieved to know that you can disable the app’s ability to record audio. Recordings are set to be automatically deleted within 24 hours or before your next sleep session. Additionally, you have the option to manually delete sound files to maintain the privacy of your dreams.

The Sleep Experience in Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep encourages you to get a recommended 8.5 hours of sleep per night through the use of alarms. You can set one to remind you to go to bed and another to wake you up. To track your sleep, the app requires you to place your phone next to your pillow and connect it to a charger. Throughout the night, it will monitor your movement and sound.

Once you wake up, Pokémon Sleep evaluates your sleep session and generates a “sleep report.” This report includes information on how long it took you to fall asleep, the different sleep phases you experienced, and the overall quality of your sleep. Based on this data, Pokémon will appear around a Snorlax in the app. The types of Pokémon that appear are determined by the quality of your sleep. For example, a good sleep might attract Pikachu, while a “dozing” sleep style might bring Bulbasaur, Metapod, and Mankey your way.

Exploring Pokémon Sleep Beyond Sleep

Once you’ve completed at least one sleep session, a variety of other features become available. You can cook and feed your Pokémon, choosing different island locations to help Snorlax grow. By cooking and feeding Snorlax, you attract and befriend more Pokémon to add to your “Sleep Style Dex,” which is essentially a Pokédex of the Pokémon you encounter in the game.

In addition to sleep-related activities, Pokémon Sleep provides tips on healthy eating and other aspects of life that contribute to better sleep quality. The app even grades your sleep sessions out of 100, allowing you to track your progress over time.

Monetization and Considerations

One peculiar aspect of Pokémon Sleep is its monetization strategy. Like other Pokémon Company mobile apps, this app includes free-to-play, pay-to-play, and pay-to-win elements. You can purchase in-game currency with real money, which can be used to feed and level up your Pokémon, befriend more Pokémon, and access additional content. It’s worth noting that during the open beta, certain features like the Premium Pass were not available for purchase.

One potential concern about Pokémon Sleep is the requirement to sleep with your phone next to you. While healthy sleep patterns are important, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to keep your mobile device near your head or side all night. The app even advises against covering your phone with blankets or placing it under your pillow. Additionally, using Pokémon Sleep extensively may drain your phone’s battery.

In conclusion, Pokémon Sleep offers a unique concept that aims to promote healthy sleep habits. It may be particularly appealing to families who want to engage in a sleep-focused gaming experience. However, the integration of monetization and the need to keep your phone nearby while sleeping may raise concerns for some players. If you’re seeking a good night’s rest, turning off your phone might be a more straightforward solution. With that said, it’s worth giving Pokémon Sleep a try if you’re curious about this innovative approach. Sweet dreams!