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The Weekly Digest: A Closer Look at Mobile Gaming News

The games industry is constantly evolving, and there are certain stories that deserve further examination. That’s why the PocketGamer.biz team has created a weekly digest, where we dive deeper into some of the most intriguing developments in mobile gaming from the past week.

Rogue Company: Elite’s Lessons in Game Development

I was intrigued to learn that Rogue Company: Elite wouldn’t be receiving a global launch. Hi-Rez Studios made the decision to quietly shelve the project, but their talk at Brighton shed light on the challenges faced by developers and publishers in the crowded mobile shooter genre. They explored issues with user acquisition (UA) and player retention, as well as the mechanics behind soft-launching the game in Mexico. While the situation may not be identical, the story of Rogue Company: Elite can provide insights into other recent game closures, such as Apex Legends Mobile. These talks at conferences like Develop offer valuable case studies for industry professionals.

Sony’s Investment in Extended Reality Research

As a Sony fanboy and console gamer, I’ve always admired Sony’s dedication to developing innovative peripherals. While Microsoft focuses on flashy acquisitions, Sony takes a more gradual approach. The development of the Backbone peripheral not only provides an alternative to Microsoft’s Project Q, but also bridges the gap between console and mobile gaming. Sony’s investment in extended reality (XR) research could position them to challenge Apple’s Vision Pro, especially considering Sony’s existing VR systems for PlayStation. This move could potentially shift the ongoing console wars to the mobile realm, giving Sony a significant advantage.

The Impact of Storytelling in Mobile Games

During one of the talks at Develop Brighton, MAG Interactive’s Alice Bowman discussed the benefits of incorporating storytelling into mobile games. As a fan of narratives, I’ve found that a compelling story can greatly enhance player engagement. Even a small dose of narrative can accumulate to hours of gameplay, considering the average daily mobile phone usage in top markets is five hours. It’s crucial to present interesting characters and storylines in a concise and engaging way that aligns with the fast-paced nature of mobile gaming. Adding a story hook to a mobile game can be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining players.