Diablo 4 Season 1 Prep You Need to Do Before the Season Starts

Diablo 4 Reveals First Seasonal Content: Season of the Malignant

Blizzard recently unveiled the first seasonal content for Diablo 4 called Season of the Malignant. In this new season, players will be following the tried and tested “re-grind a character” format. However, it’s important to note that the characters you’re currently using won’t be able to participate in the upcoming seasonal storyline, progress through the seasonal battle pass, or use the seasonal mechanic. Nevertheless, there are still ways to utilize your “eternal” characters to prepare for the seasonal characters you’ll be running.

Complete the Campaign

One of the most important things you should prioritize before Season of the Malignant launches on July 20 is to finish Diablo 4’s main campaign. The reason behind this is that access to the new seasonal content, not only in Season 1 but also in future seasons, requires the completion of the storyline. Additionally, the events of Season 1 take place after the main story, so it’s crucial to avoid spoilers. Once you’ve completed the campaign on one character, you can automatically progress through the new storyline and endgame activities on other characters, including seasonal ones.

Uncover the Entire Map

In a recent dev chat with Rob Fergusson, the head of the Diablo franchise, it was revealed that the sections of the world map that you’ve already explored will be carried over when creating a new seasonal character in Season 1. This means that all the effort you’ve put into uncovering every area of the map won’t be wasted. However, you should take the time to fill in any remaining foggy spots on the map to ensure easier navigation and convenient exploration in Season of the Malignant. Plus, you’ll earn some additional Renown by doing so.

Activate All Altars of Lilith

Similar to the map, the Altars of Lilith you’ve discovered will also carry over to Season 1. Previously, only the permanent buffs from the altars remained bound to your account, while Renown didn’t. However, starting July 20, all Altars of Lilith will remain unlocked for players when creating a new character. This means that you can locate and activate all the statues now to accumulate a significant amount of Renown on day one. The Altars of Lilith are crucial for increasing your character’s power in Diablo 4.

Maximize Renown with Side Missions, Dungeons, and Strongholds

To ensure you have enough Renown for your character, it’s recommended to clear the map and activate the Altars of Lilith. However, if you still need more, you can complete side missions, dungeons, and strongholds. Keep in mind that these will be reset for seasonal content after completion. According to Rob Fergusson, players will need to redo all previously finished dungeons in the upcoming season. Prioritize dungeons that have side quests alongside them, as they provide additional Renown, XP, and Aspect rewards.

Select Your Class Wisely

While this decision occurs outside of the game, it’s essential to consider which class you’ll play as in Season of the Malignant. The beauty of the seasonal reset and creating a new character every three months is that you can experience different playstyles and classes. For example, if you played as a Necromancer previously, you can switch things up and try a Barbarian for a more brute force approach. Alternatively, you can stick with the class you’re comfortable with or choose one that complements your friend’s class if you often engage in co-op runs. Planning in advance will prevent any last-minute dilemmas when Season of the Malignant begins.