How to unlock Sorceress in Halls of Torment

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Halls of Torment: Unlocking the Sorceress

Halls of Torment will challenge you with dangerous territories as you embark on your heroic journey. With a plethora of menacing creatures in your path, it is essential to unlock powerful heroes to navigate the most treacherous regions. Here is our comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Sorceress in Halls of Torment.

Unlocking the Sorceress in Halls of Torment

The Sorceress is one of the later additions to your hero lineup, requiring dedicated effort to access. To unlock the Sorceress, you must eliminate 10,000 enemies in the Forgotten Viaduct during a single run.

Halls Of Torment Battling Enemies In Forgotten Viaduct

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Keep in mind that the Forgotten Viaduct is not initially accessible. To reach this area, you must first conquer the Haunted Caverns and Ember Grounds. Taking this route allows you to accumulate sufficient resources to enhance your hero’s abilities and survive the formidable enemies within the viaduct.

Upon finally reaching the Forgotten Viaduct, you will encounter numerous formidable foes. Prioritize acquiring a Scroll of Mastery early on, as it significantly improves your chances of survival. The longer you stay in the area, the more challenging the opposition becomes. Furthermore, prepare yourself to confront the Wraith Horseman mini-boss approximately six minutes into your run. It is crucial to have a strong offensive presence by this point. To maximize your kill count, focus on advancing to the later waves of birds and soldiers. Additionally, prioritize offensive traits while also considering those that enhance your pickup radius to increase your chances of success.

Halls Of Torment Recommended Exterminator Loadout Forgotten Viaduct

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By the time you gain access to the Forgotten Viaduct, ensure that you have acquired the majority of permanent upgrades and established a robust loadout. Personally, I recommend utilizing the Exterminator class with the Ruby Circlet and Collar of Confidence equipped, as shown in the provided screenshot. This combination maximizes your damage output against mobs.

Upon unlocking the Sorceress, you will discover her formidable prowess in lightning-based magic. Her attacks deal significant damage, particularly when you focus on upgrades that enhance her speed. Unleash her elemental abilities against all enemies within range to swiftly decimate enemy waves and ensure your survival, allowing you to claim the greatest rewards.

Halls of Torment is available for purchase on Steam.