Big Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Update Gets Release Date

After a long period of anticipation, the much-awaited Dark Pictures: Switchback VR update, which focuses on improving the game’s visuals, finally has a release date. Players can expect the update to arrive on July 21.

The Switchback VR update will include a slew of visual fixes

Supermassive Games took to Twitter to announce the release date, sharing a brief trailer (which does not seem to be directly related to the patch). While the official patch notes have yet to be revealed and are also scheduled for July 21, Supermassive has given an overview of what players can expect:

  • Addressing blurred/low resolution visuals
  • Fixing textures and assets popping
  • Significantly reducing loading times
  • Enhancing visuals, VFX, and lighting
  • Improving textures and environment assets
  • Introducing FSR and foveated rendering

The studio has been teasing this patch for quite some time, and players have eagerly awaited its arrival. Switchback VR faced widespread criticism upon its release in March due to its poor visual quality and some bugs, and the upcoming patch focuses on rectifying these issues.

The day after the game’s launch, Supermassive issued a statement acknowledging the problems and promising to address them. Players patiently waited for months for the patch to arrive, while Supermassive asked for their understanding. Initially, the developer aimed to release the fixes in late June, but the update missed that target window. Instead, the studio expressed its intention to release the update within the next two weeks (Supermassive Games).

However, the first two weeks of July came and went without any changes to the game, which left players frustrated. When this was brought up by players, community manager Georgina Howlett responded on Reddit, explaining that the studio meant “two calendar weeks” from the last post, even though it had been 15 days. Many players have expressed strong criticism towards Switchback VR, and the extended wait for the game to reach a satisfactory level of quality has only worsened that sentiment.