The future of PowerWash Simulator, and developer Futurlab

PowerWash Simulator: The Surprising Success Story and Future Potential

PowerWash Simulator has taken the gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of players with its unique and addictive gameplay. Developed by veteran UK studio Futurlab, the game has garnered a dedicated fanbase that can’t seem to get enough. With the recent launch of its first paid DLC, featuring Spongebob Squarepants, I sat down with Futurlab boss James Marsden to discuss the game’s success and what’s in store for the future.

The Journey to Success

Marsden recalls early conversations within the Futurlab team when they realized they had something special on their hands. “The goal was the Millennium Falcon,” he says, explaining the team’s aspirations for the game. Determined to popularize their innovative concept, they worked backwards to figure out how to achieve that goal. Then came Elliot Greenwood, now Futurlab’s licensing and business development manager, whose role was to convince other brands and developers of PowerWash Simulator’s potential success.

Greenwood shares his interview experience for the role, where Marsden challenged him with getting the Millennium Falcon. Although no deal with Disney has been made yet, the fact that such a collaboration is a real possibility speaks volumes about the game’s rising popularity.

The Brand Collaborations

PowerWash Simulator has successfully collaborated with various brands, with the Spongebob Squarepants DLC being the first paid add-on. Marsden attributes this trend to the game’s early success and the interest it generated among like-minded studios. Other collaborations, including a Warhammer pack, are currently in the works.

Greenwood describes the initial skepticism from potential partners regarding a collaboration with a power-washing game. However, once they understand the game’s appeal, they become enthusiastic about the partnership. “Once people get it, they pretty much love it and are obsessed,” Greenwood explains. The Spongebob collaboration is a testament to this, as Paramount acted quickly to secure the rights after a fan’s recommendation.

The PowerWash Simulator Experience

While discussing the game’s potential for creating a relationship between players and the objects they clean, Marsden mentions the possibility of offering future collaborations centered around unveiling or teasing new items, such as power washing the E3 convention center. In terms of upcoming content, Futurlab plans to release additional free chapters to expand the game’s narrative.

As for a potential sequel or technical improvements, Marsden remains open but focused on the current DLC strategy and widening the game’s appeal. He emphasizes the need to improve visuals and provide a sense of satisfaction to players, which also involves enhancing the game’s technical stack. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a larger audience that may still be hesitant about the game’s unconventional concept.

The Unique Appeal of PowerWash Simulator

Marsden believes that many people still haven’t grasped the reasons behind the game’s success. While some headlines attribute it to the growing popularity of “mundane chores,” he clarifies that PowerWash Simulator is unlike any other simulator game. Its addictive gameplay and surprising depth make it a standout experience that continues to amaze players.


PowerWash Simulator’s journey from a sleeper hit to a widely recognized game with brand collaborations shows the immense potential of innovative indie games. Futurlab’s dedication to continuously improving the game and expanding its universe ensures that players will continue to engage with this unique and immersive virtual cleaning experience.