All Remnant 2 status effects, explained

Mastering the Gameplay of Remnant 2: Understanding Status Effects

Remnant 2 is a game with intricate gameplay mechanics that can be challenging to master. One crucial aspect to keep in mind is the presence of various status effects that can have a significant impact on your character. To effectively navigate these effects and ensure your character’s survival, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with each one and learn the appropriate strategies for handling them. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of all the status effects in Remnant 2, equipping you with the knowledge to deal with them effectively when your character inevitably falls victim to their effects.

Image: PC Invasion

Remnant 2: All Status Effects Explained

Here is a breakdown of all the status effects in Remnant 2:

  • Bleeding: This effect inflicts gradual damage over a 20-second period and reduces the effectiveness of healing by half. It can accumulate up to three times. To cure Bleeding, you can use a Bandage (which also restores all Grey Health), or simply wait for the effect to naturally expire after a specific duration.
  • Burning: This effect sets your character on fire, causing damage for 10 seconds. It can stack up to three times. To cure Burning, you can use a Mud Rub (which also increases Fire resistance by 15 for 10 minutes), or wait for the effect to expire. Additionally, performing a roll can significantly reduce the remaining duration of the Burning status effect.
  • Corroded: The Corroded status effect leads to a decrease in your character’s armor. You can cure Corroded by using an Antidote (which also increases Acid resistance by 15 for 10 minutes) or by interacting with a Checkpoint.
  • Frozen: The Frozen status effect reduces your Stamina Regen and Movement speed while active. To cure Frozen, you can use Spiceroot or interact with a Checkpoint.
  • Infected: The Infected status effect occurs when your character is infected by Root Rot. It causes episodes of coughing that interrupt your actions. To cure Root Rot, you can use an Oilskin Tonic or rest at a Checkpoint.
  • Irradiated: The Irradiated status effect halves your Stamina and is visually represented by the yellow bar above your Health and Stamina. You can cure Irradiated by using a Heavy Water Elixir (which also increases Radiation resistance by 15 for 10 minutes) or by resting at a Checkpoint.
  • Overloaded: The Overloaded status effect causes a small explosion or lightning damage to occur between all characters. You can cure Overloaded by using an Ethereal Orb (which also increases Shock resistance by 15 for 10 minutes) or by sitting at a Checkpoint.
  • Parasite: The Parasite status effect halves your health but grants a slight increase in health regeneration. You can cure Parasite by using an Antiserum or resting at a Checkpoint.

Your character’s stats indicate your resistance to different status effects, with a higher number implying it will take longer for the effect to take full effect. Generally, status effects don’t have immediate consequences until they fully develop, but once they do, they can be deadly.

Dr. Norah In Remnant 2

Image: PC Invasion

In some cases, certain status effects may dissipate on their own, while others persist until cured using items available for purchase from Dr. Norah in Ward 13, priced at 100 Scrap. It’s worth noting that status effects like Bleed and Fire can accumulate multiple stacks, amplifying their potency.

Author’s Note: This guide was written based on my experiences playing Remnant 2 on Steam Deck.