How to survive 20 minutes without regenerating health in Halls of Torment

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Halls of Torment: Surviving 20 Minutes Without Regenerating Health

The recently released game Halls of Torment offers players the challenge of completing special objectives known as quests. These quests provide character enhancements that can greatly improve their chances of surviving the dangerous dungeons in the game. One particularly difficult quest requires players to go through a run without relying on passive health recovery. This guide will provide tips on how to survive for 20 minutes without regenerating health in Halls of Torment.

The Fragile Stamina Quest and the Pacesetters Item

The quest known as Fragile Stamina rewards players with an item called Pacesetters. To successfully complete this quest, players must avoid regenerating health for a continuous period of 20 minutes. However, it’s important to note that players are allowed to collect items such as potions to replenish lost health. While the quest can technically be attempted with any character, it’s significantly more challenging with certain classes. For the best chances of success, consider choosing either the Sorceress or the Warlock character.

Halls Of Torment Health Regeneration Blessing Emptied

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Avoiding Automatic Health Regeneration

Most characters in the game naturally regenerate health after taking damage, although the rate of regeneration may be relatively slow. However, for the purpose of this quest, even recovering just 1 HP through passive regeneration will result in failure. Therefore, you must either survive the entire 20 minutes without taking any damage (which can be quite challenging, even in the easiest dungeons) or choose a character that does not have automatic health regeneration.

The Sorceress and the Warlock characters do not automatically regain health after being wounded. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you do not have any of the Health Regeneration blessing active. If you do, refund it before attempting the quest and remember to re-acquire it afterwards.

Selecting Traits and Potions

When progressing through a dungeon, carefully consider the traits you acquire. Avoid selecting any traits that provide health regeneration. Pay close attention and make sure to choose from the other available options that do not include health regeneration. Additionally, you can consume a potion to refresh and select a new set of four traits to upgrade. For assistance in unlocking all the available potions, refer to our comprehensive guide.

Halls of Torment is currently available for purchase on Steam.