Max Payne spiritual successor El Paso, Elsewhere is coming in September

El Paso, Elsewhere, an upcoming supernatural shoot-’em-up game developed by Strange Scaffold, has announced its release date for September. The game will be available on both PC and Xbox.

The game is being directed by Xalavier Nelson Jr, who is also lending his voice to the main character, James Savage, and contributing several rap tracks to the game’s soundtrack. The release date announcement was made alongside the release of the animated music video for the song “Stay Awake,” which is featured on the game’s soundtrack.

While Strange Scaffold is known for its eclectic lineup of games like Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator and Sunshine Shuffle, El Paso, Elsewhere stands out as a more traditional shooter. However, this aligns with the developers’ unique and unconventional style.

The game pays homage to third-person shooters from the PS2 era, with a particular influence from Remedy’s classic, Max Payne. Having played both games, I can attest that El Paso, Elsewhere captures the same feel and mechanics, especially the shoot dodging and dual-wielding. In a preview by staff writer Elie Gould, they stated, “While the third-person shooting is familiarly fun, the most important feature has to be the slow motion dives.”

As a fan of Max Payne, I am personally looking forward to trying out El Paso, Elsewhere.

Fun ethical disclaimer: I want to clarify that my interest in this game has nothing to do with the fact that I am friends with Xalavier Nelson Jr and occasionally play Fortnite with him. Although, it is worth mentioning that he has yet to lead me to victory in the game, unlike James Daly from Future Games Show who consistently gets me wins during lunchtime. Despite this, I genuinely believe that the game looks very cool.

In other news, the Nintendo emulator Dolphin will no longer be released on Steam due to legal issues with Nintendo’s legal team.