Diablo 4 team says it doesn’t “plan on doing a patch like this ever again”

Blizzard Responds to Criticism over Diablo 4 Patch

In a recent statement, Blizzard has addressed the frustrations expressed by players regarding the most recent patch for Diablo 4. The team behind the game has admitted that they understand the feedback and assure players that they do not plan on implementing similar patches in the future.

The developers participated in a candid fireside chat, where they acknowledged the negative impact of the patch. While the intention was to slow down players’ progression through the content, the nerfs had the opposite effect and made the game less enjoyable for players.

Adam Fletcher, the community manager, expressed the team’s acknowledgement of the feedback regarding reduced player power, stating, “We know it is bad. We know it is not fun… We also want to talk about what we were trying to achieve specifically with this patch and with the changes that players ended up seeing. And then, separately, we do want to also talk about how we don’t plan on doing a patch like this ever again.”

Diablo IV Campfire Chat – Season of the Malignant- July 2023.

Game director Joe Shely emphasized the team’s commitment to making the game more enjoyable for players, stating, “The players are at the heart of everything we’re doing, and if players can’t believe that, as the game evolves, the game will get more fun, we’re not accomplishing our goals.”

The team has already begun working on correcting the issues introduced with the patch. A server-side hotfix has been deployed, boosting enemy density in Nightmare dungeons and introducing a Sorcerer and Barbarian Legendary aspect boost. Furthermore, an additional stash tab, increased Elixir stack size (to 99), and reduced respec gold costs (by approximately 40%) will be included in the upcoming patch 1.1.1, scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks.

In addition to addressing the immediate fixes, the developers have committed to providing advanced notice for future hotfixes and patches. They also acknowledged the importance of allowing certain builds to be overpowered temporarily until suitable alternatives can be implemented. However, they did not mention any plans to roll back the current patch.

The subreddit for Diablo 4 has seen a surge of anger and criticism from players of all classes. Some suggestions for game improvements have been made, while others have resorted to humorously stating that the patch has “fixed an issue where players were having fun.” One player even offered the developers $1 million to stream the game for 20 minutes as a Sorcerer to experience the gameplay for themselves.

Metacritic also reflects players’ dissatisfaction, with the game receiving a User Score of just 2.2 at the time of writing.