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The Latest Moves in the Mobile Gaming Industry

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s important to stay updated on the frequent changes happening in the mobile game industry. From new hires to executive appointments, keeping track of who’s joining which company is crucial for understanding the industry’s landscape.

In this series of articles, we will be covering the latest hires, moves, and more in the mobile gaming industry. We’ll provide an overview of these individuals, their roles, and why their appointments are significant. Let’s dive into this week’s recap:

Viacheslav Volosheniuk takes on lead game designer role at Gameloft

Viacheslav Volosheniuk is a rising star in the games industry. He founded Moonlight Dragon Games in October 2021 and worked as a game designer at 4Enjoy Games starting in April 2022. Within a short period, he earned a promotion to Game Producer in March 2023.

In his new position as lead game designer at Gameloft, Volosheniuk will play a crucial role in developing the company’s titles. Gameloft is known for its popular mobile game Minion Rush and successful multiplatform blockbusters like Disney Dreamlight Valley. Despite diversifying its focus beyond mobile gaming, Gameloft has demonstrated its commitment to the industry by appointing Volosheniuk to this prestigious role.

Vishal Pandey joins MYSTiC Games as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Vishal Pandey’s expertise in business and marketing has led him to found and successfully exit his own startup, 4 Lounge. Now, he takes on the role of CMO at web3 gaming specialist MYSTiC Games.

Pandey expressed his excitement about the new position, stating, “I’ve been following MYSTiC Games closely for quite some time now, so when the opportunity came up to join Matt and Jakob, I knew I couldn’t turn it down! The future of gaming is to make it more player-led and to give players ownership of the games they love so much, and MYSTiC GAMES will be the studio to build that bridge between Web2 and Web3 gaming. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team leading the charge in making that happen.”

NetEase welcomes Brad Perry to their team

NetEase, one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, has attracted top talent from the industry. The latest addition is Brad Perry, who joins as a senior technical artist after his tenure as a technical and cinematic artist at Electronic Arts.

Perry has worked on popular titles such as FIFA, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the recent Dead Space remake at Electronic Arts. His diverse experience across various genres will now contribute to NetEase’s portfolio.

Eduardo Scartezini promoted to senior server engineer at DIGIT

With the increasing popularity of live service models in the gaming industry, server maintenance has become crucial. Eduardo Scartezini initially joined DIGIT, a Scopely subsidiary, as a game server engineer in August 2021. Due to his exemplary performance, he has been promoted to the role of senior server engineer, responsible for maintaining and supporting the company’s servers to ensure a seamless player experience.

Hillman Han joins Jam City as product data analyst

Jam City recently made a significant expansion by entering the MENA market with Heroes & Villains. This move makes data analysis more important than ever, especially in a new market with a new intellectual property (IP). A product data analyst like Hillman Han can help identify the game’s strengths and areas for improvement in this crucial phase.

In his new role, Han will analyze the performance of Jam City’s portfolio during this pivotal moment in the company’s history.