How to get all endings in My Friendly Neighborhood

The Complete Guide to Getting All Endings in My Friendly Neighborhood

The highly anticipated release of My Friendly Neighborhood, the latest addition to YouTube’s beloved indie horror genre of Mascot Horror, has captivated gamers. This unique game revolves around puppets trying to reclaim and rebroadcast their cancelled show, offering players multiple endings to discover. If you’re interested in experiencing all the possible endings in My Friendly Neighborhood, follow this comprehensive walkthrough.

All Endings Walkthrough for My Friendly Neighborhood

In total, My Friendly Neighborhood offers four different endings. The first ending can be unlocked at any point during the game.

The Escape Ending

To witness this ending, simply leave the building and return to the truck. By choosing to give up on the job entirely, the game treats you to an ending cutscene with Gordon narrating how he was fired, started watching the nightly news, and eventually forgot about everything.

The Bad Ending

Play the game through to the end, and when Ricky offers to help bring the show back, reject his offer. This decision leads to Gordon leaving the job behind. In his ending narration, he reveals that although he was promoted to manager with his own office, he still feels dissatisfied with life.

The Neutral Ending

To achieve this ending, accept Ricky’s offer but refrain from helping every important puppet encountered throughout your journey. Although Gordon assists in getting the show back on air, he eventually stops showing up, unable to keep his thoughts from straying towards leaving it all behind.

The True/Good Ending – Achieving All Endings in My Friendly Neighborhood

Reach the end of the game while ensuring that every major puppet receives assistance. Once accomplished, accept Ricky’s offer. To achieve this ending, complete the following objectives:

  • Find Pearl’s eyes and glasses in the main Neighborhood set and return her sight.
  • Comfort Gobblette by playing a movie reel of war footage in the theater. When Gordon notices her and asks if she’s depressed, go down and provide her with consolation.
  • Fix the sewer drain by installing the new pump valve to help Ray.
  • Feed the puppet dogs by unlocking the aviary door with both halves of the medallion. In the courtyard beyond the aviary, locate a bag of dog food on a bench. Place the food in their three empty bowls in the greenhouse area and ring the bell.
  • Discover all the puzzle pieces in the cardboard area to play a duet with Arnold.

If you have successfully completed all these tasks, Gordon will remain to help bring the show back and ultimately be fired from his job as a result. Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind the dismissal because, for the first time in a long while, he feels hopeful about the future.