Where to find Opal in Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver: Finding Opal Ore Locations

In the exciting world of Dave the Diver, where you get to explore the depths of the ocean and manage your own restaurant, collecting crafting materials is just as important as catching fish. When it comes to unlocking weapon upgrades, items like wood, rope, and glass can prove to be invaluable. In addition, there’s a special material called Opal that you’ll need to find, not only for weapon upgrades but also for specific side quests. So, where can you find Opal in Dave the Diver? Let’s dive right into it!

Opal in Dave the Diver is typically found around 200 meters below the surface in an area known as the Blue Hole Depths. To reach this depth, make sure to equip a UV Light from one of the yellow boxes you encounter along the way. This will enable you to navigate through the Tube Coral and venture deeper into the underwater world.

Where To Find Opal In Dave The Diver Ore Vein

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Recognizing Opal is relatively easy due to its distinct coloration. It appears as a blue rock with various colors speckled throughout. However, mining Opal requires a special tool as it isn’t obtained in the same way as Copper. Typically, you’ll come across yellow boxes around Opal and Amethyst ore veins that contain pickaxes. Simply grab one of these pickaxes and it will replace your melee weapon.

Using a pickaxe is the only way to extract Opal from the ore veins. Swim up to the Opal and strike it with your pickaxe. Similar to other ore veins in the game, you should be able to obtain three pieces of Opal from a single vein, which should be sufficient for the side quest. Keep in mind that Opal is not very common in the Blue Hole Depths, so you may only come across one or two veins per dive. While you’re down there, why not grab some Amethyst as well? It can also be found in the Depths and is characterized by its purple crystal appearance.

Dave the Diver is available on Steam.