Sims-like Life By You early access release delayed into next year

Life by You, the highly anticipated open-world game that brings a unique twist to The Sims genre, has encountered a delay in its early access PC release.

Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the game will now launch on March 5, 2024, instead of the initial September release date.

In a statement, Paradox explained that the delay is necessary to further improve the game’s user interface (UI) and visuals. This additional development time will contribute to a more comprehensive and well-rounded experience for players when the game is officially released next year.

Life By You was initially announced earlier this year.

During this time, developer Paradox Tectonic will also focus on fine-tuning the game’s mod tools, which will be available to all players for exploration and creation.

“The player-community is at the core of Life by You, and their feedback is the core to many of the positive changes coming to Life by You’s Early Access,” stated Paradox.

Interested players can pre-order Life by You on the Epic Games Store for a promotional price of £34.99, as set by Paradox. At this time, pre-orders are not available on Steam, but the game can be added to the wishlist. Paradox has confirmed that the game will match the Epic Store’s pricing when it launches in early access.

Life by You

A sneak peek at the character creator in Life by You. | Image credit: Paradox

Earlier this year, the studio first hinted at the upcoming life-simulation game, and later released an official announcement trailer in the same month.

As previously mentioned, Life by You aims to differentiate itself from The Sims 4 with its unique features. While the game’s fundamentals, such as house building and character creation, may seem familiar, Paradox emphasizes the “open game world” that allows for extensive customization. Additionally, the inclusion of “real language conversation” and the option for players to directly control their digital characters offer a more immersive experience compared to the default third-person view.