Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Console Covers Are Already Being Scalped Online

New Spider-Man Game and Limited-Edition PS5 Console Coming Soon

A highly anticipated Spider-Man game is set to release on PlayStation this October. Just like the first game in 2018, fans will have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition PlayStation console along with the game. However, there are also concerns about scalpers taking advantage of this offering. For those who already own a PS5, there is a more affordable option available that utilizes detachable faceplates for customization. Let’s dive into the details.

These PS5 console covers could (but probably won’t) put your kids through college.

Preorders for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 console and DualSense controller are now open. This has led to the emergence of eBay listings for PS5 faceplates. While the official retail price for these faceplates is $65, some listings on eBay are already exceeding $200. It’s important to note that the listed price doesn’t guarantee that sellers will receive $200, but there have been instances where buyers have paid $149 for these protective plastic pieces.

Several of these eBay listings also provide a “best offer” option, which means buyers may have the chance to negotiate a lower price. Nonetheless, it’s likely that buyers will still need to pay more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) to secure these faceplates. They appear to be selling out quickly, making it a race for those looking to give their PS5 an arachnid-themed makeover. Keep an eye on our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 preorder hub for updates on stock availability.

It’s no surprise that scalpers are targeting limited-edition PS5 gear. The early days of the console’s release saw stock shortages, exacerbated by scalpers who bought up available units and resold them at higher prices. As of January 2023, Sony has declared the PS5 shortage to be effectively over, with 40 million units sold worldwide.

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