Don’t Starve Together – How to Increase Max Health

How to Increase Your Max Health in Don’t Starve Together

In the world of Don’t Starve Together, your health is crucial for survival. While healing methods can help you regain health, is there a way to actually increase your maximum health? This guide will show you three ways to boost your max health in Don’t Starve Together.

Understanding Max Health in Don’t Starve Together

Before diving into the methods, it’s important to understand the concept of maximum health in Don’t Starve Together. Each character in the game has a specific maximum health limit that cannot be exceeded. While you can restore your current health through healing, your max health remains unchanged unless certain actions are taken.

In certain scenarios, such as dying and becoming a ghost, your maximum health can be reduced by 25%. The term “increase max health” refers to regaining this penalty through the use of a Booster Shot. However, there are now two other methods that allow you to actually increase your max health. Let’s explore both of these methods below.

1. Increase Max Health with a Booster Shot

The most direct way to increase your max health is by using a Booster Shot. Crafted using 8 Rots, 2 Nitres, and 1 Stinger with the Alchemy Engine, the Booster Shot restores 25% of your max health penalty after death.

It’s important to note that the Booster Shot can only restore lost max health, not increase your original max health. For example, if you start with a max health of 150 and die twice, your max health would be reduced to 75. Using a single Booster Shot would be enough to restore your max health back to 150. Using additional shots beyond what’s needed would be a waste.

2. Increase Max Health with Certain Characters

Currently, there are two characters in Don’t Starve Together who have unique abilities allowing them to increase their max health beyond the default limit. These characters are WX-78 and Wurt.

WX-78 has the ability to insert circuits into its body to enhance various stats, including max sanity, max hunger, movement speed, and more. Among these circuits, there are two that specifically increase max health:

  • Hardy Circuit: increases max health by 50 and requires 1 circuit slot.
  • Super-Hardy Circuit: increases max health by 150 and requires 2 circuit slots.

With a maximum of 6 circuit slots, WX-78 can achieve a max health of 575 by using 3 Super-Hardy Circuits.

Wurt, a paid character in the game, represents the Merm monsters. Playing as Wurt allows you to create a Merm village and summon the King of the Merms. When the king is alive, all Merms, including Wurt, experience increased stats. As Wurt, your max health rises from 150 to 250 with the presence of the king.

Now you know how to increase your max health in Don’t Starve Together! If you have any suggestions or tips for this guide, please share them in the comments section below.