Ways to shave off time in Selmie’s shield surfing advanced course in Tears of the Kingdom

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Mastering the Shield Surfing Advanced Course in Tears of the Kingdom

Utilizing Zonai Devices

Once you complete the main Rito questline and rescue Selmie in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in her special shield surfing minigame in the Hebra mountains. This challenge includes both a beginner and an advanced course. While the gameplay is similar to the original game, there are a few additional features that can help you improve your finishing time. In this guide, we will discuss several strategies that will optimize your performance on the shield surfing advanced course.

Selmie allows you to reach the goal using any means you prefer, which means you aren’t limited to shield surfing. To encourage alternative approaches, Zonai devices are placed near the starting line. These devices include a Wing, a Sled, a Rocket, and a Steering Stick. If you have Autobuild, you can construct your preferred vehicle and rebuild it during the race using this ability, saving you valuable time.

Attaching a Rocket to your vehicle will provide a significant boost of speed at the beginning. Adding Fans to your vehicle can give it additional propulsion. Some experimentation may be required if attaching a Rocket to a Sled, as it may cause the Sled to go airborne and knock you off upon landing. Attaching a Rocket to a Wing is a better choice, as you can continue flying even after the Rocket’s fuel runs out. The Wing also allows for shortcuts while airborne, making it superior to the Sled. Keep in mind that the Wing remains active for only about a minute before disappearing.

The Cave Shortcut

If you prefer to stick with shield surfing, there is a significant shortcut available through the East Biron Snowshelf Cave, where you previously saved Selmie. The cave is not located on the main mountain path, so it’s recommended to mark the entrance on your map for easier navigation.

Tears Of The Kingdom Shield Surfing Advanced Cave Pin Map

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When the race begins, look out for the first of Selmie’s students on the track. Turn left at this point and head off the edge to smoothly transition to an alternate path. You can watch this video for a visual demonstration.

Stick to the right side until you reach the entrance of the East Biron Snowshelf Cave. Enter the cave and navigate carefully to avoid bumping into the walls. Don’t worry about the rough terrain, as your low-friction shields will glide over it without much trouble. If you successfully navigate the cave without stopping, you will significantly reduce your race time, provided you maintain a consistent speed until the end.

Remember, these strategies for the shield surfing advanced course in Tears of the Kingdom are not mutually exclusive. You can combine them by using a Rocket-boosted Wing at the beginning and then taking the cave shortcut. Your approach to achieving a solid race time is entirely up to you.