Where to find Iron Ore in Dave the Diver

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Where to Find Iron Ore in Dave the Diver

Are you playing Dave the Diver and in need of iron ore to upgrade your weapons? As with any game that involves crafting and upgrading, iron ore plays a crucial role in your progress. In this guide, we’ll show you the best locations to find iron ore in Dave the Diver, so you can stock up and continue your journey.

Iron Ore Locations

Iron ore can be found around the Limestone Caverns area on the map, typically at a depth range of 100-120+. Keep an eye out for spikes and strong currents in this area, as they often indicate the presence of iron ore. Another reliable spot to search for iron ore is around the sunken ship. Remember that iron ore has a lighter color compared to lead and copper ores, making it easier to spot and mine.

Iron Ore Dave The Diver

An iron ore outcrop next to a lead outcrop. Screenshot by PC Invasion

In Dave the Diver, you don’t need a pickaxe to mine iron ore. Simply approach the ore with your dive knife or any melee weapon, and start hitting it to gather the ore. Each outcrop will yield approximately three pieces of iron ore. While mining iron ore, be cautious of strong currents that can push you into dangerous spikes.

Make sure to explore the area and collect enough iron ore for your crafting and weapon upgrade needs. Once you have what you require, return to your boat safely to keep the precious ore with you. Your progress in Dave the Diver relies on the availability of iron ore, so use it wisely!