How to get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

How to Unlock the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is full of secrets, and to access them, you’ll need to unlock the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. This powerful weapon will not only grant you access to hidden parts of the game but also unlock new archetypes and allow you to obtain powerful weapons like the Crescent Moon Bow. While the process to obtain the Dreamcatcher is lengthy, we have broken down the steps into an easy-to-follow guide. Here’s how you can get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

Step 1: Go to Marrow Sanatorium

To begin the process, head over to the Marrow Sanatorium located in the Losomn region. If you haven’t been here before, make sure to first visit the Marrow Parish area and progress through the game until you can reach the Marrow Sanatorium. From there, you can access the back side of the Sanatorium by climbing a ladder and entering through a window.

Step 2: Get the Nightweaver Stone Doll

To obtain the Nightweaver Stone Doll, you’ll need to collect 3 Stone-Carved Dolls and the Prison Key. These can be found inside the Marrow Sanatorium’s basement. The first Stone-Carved Doll is hidden behind a bookshelf on the first floor. The second one is located outside the Asylum, near the metal fence in the corner. The third Stone-Carved Doll is on the top floor, behind some furniture. Once you have all three dolls, find the Prison Cell Key on the ledge outside, climb back down, and head to the basement. Follow the path to the left until you find a door resembling the one shown above. Choose the “I have something of yours” dialogue option and select the “Unlock the door” option to enter the prison cell and obtain the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Step 3: Enter The Tormented Asylum using the rift

After obtaining the Nightweaver Stone Doll, head over to the Nightweaver Web in the basement. Use the Soulkey Tribute, which you can acquire by progressing through The Nightweaver’s quest until you witness her assaulting someone in the Shattered Gallery. Once she notices you, she will run away, leaving behind the Soulkey Tribute. Take the tribute and use it on the Nightweaver Web to open a rift to The Tormented Asylum.

Step 4: Beat The Nightweaver boss

Prepare yourself for the battle against The Nightweaver. Remember, there are two phases to this boss fight. During Phase 1, you’ll need to dodge her attacks, including crystals, orbs, and melee attacks. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Phase 2 begins, where she introduces new attacks such as wall attacks and lifesteal. Be careful during this phase and avoid her healing ability. Defeat The Nightweaver to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Use the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the Strange Web

After defeating The Nightweaver, return to the asylum basement and locate the cell shown in the picture above. Use the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the cell, and in return, you’ll be rewarded with the Dreamcatcher!

That’s it! You have successfully unlocked the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2. Enjoy exploring the game’s hidden secrets and wielding this powerful melee weapon.

Author’s Note: This guide was written while playing Remnant 2 on Steam Deck.