Apex Legends Season 18 is gearing up for an ‘evolved rank system’

Apex Legends Season 18 is approaching, and along with it, significant changes to the ranking system.

During the previous season of Apex Legends, an unprecedented number of players ascended the ranks to the highest level. However, there was widespread dissatisfaction with the rank distribution in Season 17, as it heavily favored the “Master” rank. In an unexpected turn of events, some players managed to reach the top Predator rank without eliminating anyone.

In an interview with Dextero Shiv, a content creator for Luminosity Gaming, expressed his discontent, stating, “This ranked system is fundamentally flawed. When players with minimal skill can effortlessly reach the master rank, it’s clear that the rank system is subpar.”

Fortunately, the developers are determined to revamp the ranked system to prioritize player satisfaction and avoid a repeat of the previous season’s shortcomings in Season 18.

Design director Evan Nikolaj emphasized the significance of the rank system, stating, “Rank is our main priority this season. We are committed to continually improving and evolving the ranking experience, and we greatly value our community’s engagement with the ranking system.”

Apex Legends Season 18 will introduce a brand new ranking system aimed at fostering more intense competition. Lead progression designer Chris Cluroux explained, “We have meticulously adjusted our rank tuning to prevent the surge of players reaching the master rank within the initial weeks of Season 17. This will mean that some Season 17 master players may encounter more challenges in climbing the ranks.”

Fortunately, Season 18 will bring several benefits. For instance, there will be a minimum elimination bonus across all ranks, ensuring that eliminations always contribute to a player’s success.

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