Hades player pulls off ‘impossible’ run with just 0.41% chance of success

Impressive Achievement: Gamer Pulls Off Highly Unlikely Hades Speedrun

In a remarkable and seemingly impossible feat, a speedrunner has successfully completed one of the most challenging and statistically unlikely runs in the popular video game, Hades. This particular run, known as a 64 Heat run, was achieved on an unmodded and unseeded version of the game, adding to its difficulty and complexity. Many in the gaming community believed this run to be impossible due to the incredibly low odds of rolling the correct combination of powers and the high level of technical skill required.

The Challenge of Hades

Hades is an action-packed rogue-like game where players take on the role of Zagreus, the son of the god of the underworld. Zagreus must navigate through a series of dungeon chambers to escape from his father and the depths of hell itself. The game offers various combat modifiers that allow players to customize the difficulty according to their skill level and preferences.

However, Hades also provides the option to increase the difficulty to nearly impossible levels through the use of Heat levels. These levels impose punishing challenges and debuffs on Zagreus, making the game significantly harder. The highest Heat level is 64, which adds numerous additional challenges, such as increased enemy strength, speed, and the absence of healing or revive options.

The Complexity of the Heat 64 Run

Since Hades is a rogue-like game, each time Zagreus dies, he must restart his escape from the beginning. This means that players must repeat the same series of dungeons multiple times, collecting power-ups and gaining knowledge along the way. The variation in power-ups, known as Boons, awarded by gods and allies adds to the replay value and enjoyment of the game.

However, the Heat 64 run presents a unique challenge. Certain pacts and conditions require Zagreus to receive specific Boons in order to succeed. For example, the Tight Deadline condition sets a time limit for each room, necessitating specific power-ups to complete challenges within the allotted time. The Approval Process condition removes the ability to choose Boons, relying solely on luck to obtain the necessary abilities.

According to YouTuber Haelian’s estimates, the odds of obtaining the required basic powers for the run are approximately 0.41%, with additional favorable damage sources lowering the odds to 1 in 1,700.

An Impressive Achievement

In a video shared by Hades speedrunner Jade, she accomplished the full Heat 64 run, rolling the perfect combination of attacks and even encountering a reasonably fair final boss fight against Hades himself. Jade completed the run within a few hours on the first day of attempting it, astounding both herself and the gaming community.

The achievement is not only impressive due to the technical skill displayed in combat, but also the combination of luck and determination required to make the build work. Jade, who has spent thousands of hours playing the game and has tackled high-difficulty runs for years, admitted that she didn’t expect to complete this particular challenge.

Jade expressed her gratitude towards the Hades speedrunning community, emphasizing the importance of their support and motivation throughout her gaming journey. This remarkable achievement not only represents an individual accomplishment but also highlights the significance of community and collaboration in the gaming world.