How to defeat the Bloat King in Remnant 2

Traversing the Horrors of Remnant 2: Defeating the Bloat King

Remnant 2, while visually stunning, can also be incredibly gruesome. From picturesque landscapes to repugnant sewers, you’ll encounter a variety of worlds in your quest to rescue the multiverse. In one particularly horrifying encounter, you’ll face off against the notorious Bloat King. Here’s your guide on how to conquer this grotesque foe.

Navigating the Treacherous Maze

As you reach the end of the foul-smelling Great Sewers section in Losomn, you’ll finally confront a colossal mass of sewer fat formed from the decayed remains of countless bodies. Putting an end to this monstrosity is a mercy in itself. However, the battle won’t be easy, as it takes place on a labyrinth of platforms.

Be cautious of the numerous ledges surrounding the arena, as falling off them will expose you to electrocuting enemies lurking below. Rolling quickly towards the nearest ladder can save you from impending danger. Maintaining your aim on the Bloat King while being aware of your location is crucial during this chaotic encounter.

While engaging the Bloat King, you’ll notice that it periodically drops valuable items and ammunition. Unfortunately, many of these goodies may fall into the pit, requiring you to jump down and retrieve them. Agility is key in this battle, so roll with great agility to outmaneuver your opponent.

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Bloat King: Phase 1

Initially, the Bloat King exposes its vulnerable, orange underside, allowing for heavy attacks. Take advantage of this window of opportunity and unleash powerful blows while it remains defenseless. However, be wary of the power orbs it releases, as they actively seek to shock you. Though annoying, the Bloat King moves slowly, allowing you to skillfully evade it by using the ledges as your vantage point. If possible, focus your firepower on the Bloat King and disregard the power orbs. However, if you find it challenging to maintain distance, deal with the orbs quickly before resuming your assault on the Blob.

As you gracefully navigate the maze, the Bloat King will unleash a colossal energy beam in your direction. Fear not, as you can expertly roll through it without sustaining any damage. Wait for the beam to dissipate before continuing your barrage.

Bloat King: Phase 2

Once you’ve depleted the Bloat King’s health by half, be prepared for phase 2. Two orbs will hover alongside the enraged Blob. Thankfully, you’re already familiar with the Bloat King’s movement patterns and have memorized the locations of the platforms, right?

The Bloat King possesses remarkable endurance, making it challenging to defeat without first eliminating the bothersome orbs. Dispose of them if they cause too much trouble and refocus your attacks on the main enemy.

How to beat Bloat King in Remnant 2

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Rewards of Victory

Upon successfully slaying the Bloat King, you’ll be rewarded with x3 Lumenite Crystal, a Tome of Knowledge, Scrap, and x1 Bone Sap. Utilize the Bone Sap to craft the powerful Voltaic Rondure mod in Remnant 2.