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Google Opens Up NFT Sales on Google Play

Google has announced that it will now allow for the sale of NFTs in apps and games sold through Google Play. This decision follows Apple’s own move to allow for the sale of blockchain content on the App Store. However, Google has taken a more cooperative approach by dedicating a post to the change in policy, providing more transparency for developers and consumers.

Transparency in Utilizing Blockchain and NFTs

One significant change that Google has implemented is the requirement for developers to make it clear that their games use blockchain technology. This closes a common practice in the industry of intentionally hiding blockchain and NFT content in-game until users are more invested in the game. By requiring transparency, Google ensures that users are fully aware of the technology being utilized in the games they play.

Google’s Approach to Avoiding Controversy

Unlike Apple, Google has decided to ban the offering of blockchain content as prizes, including in loot boxes. This decision helps to avoid the controversy surrounding loot boxes themselves. Google’s move is viewed as the safest route for blockchain games, as it removes uncertainties about the value of NFT purchases.

Differences Between Google and Apple’s Policies

While Apple’s policy states that NFTs should not be used to unlock in-game features, Google has taken a different approach. Google requires that NFTs purchased by users should be consumer or used in the game to enhance the user’s experience or aid in advancing the game. This difference in policy allows for more flexibility for blockchain game developers on Google Play.

Steps in the Right Direction for Blockchain Gaming

According to Deconstructor of Fun, the blockchain gaming industry still has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream. However, the new policies from Google and Apple represent small but significant steps in the right direction.

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