Which PS Plus Essential August 2023 Games Are Worth Playing?

PlayStation Plus Essential’s August 2023 Games: PGA Tour 2K23, Death’s Door, Dreams

The games for PlayStation Plus Essential’s August 2023 lineup have been released, and each one offers a unique experience. This month’s selection includes a sports game, a Zelda-like dungeon crawler, and a game that encompasses various genres. Let’s take a closer look at PGA Tour 2K23, Death’s Door, and Dreams.

Is PGA Tour 2K23 worth it for non-golf fans?

PGA Tour 2K23 is a golf game that belongs to 2K’s line of sports games. While it offers features like a course designer and character customization that surpass EA’s golf game, it may not have enough appeal for those who are not already golf enthusiasts. With an average score of 77 on OpenCritic, PGA Tour 2K23 is unlikely to attract a broader audience. However, for those who enjoy golf games, it should satisfy their interests.

Earning the Platinum trophy in PGA Tour 2K23 is relatively achievable with about 20 hours of gameplay.

What is Death’s Door?

Death’s Door combines elements of classic The Legend of Zelda games with the atmospheric feel of Dark Souls. The game received widespread acclaim when it was released, boasting an average score of 88. While it doesn’t introduce groundbreaking elements, it captivated players and critics alike with its endearing yet grim presentation. Playing as a crow reaper collecting souls as part of a daily job, Death’s Door offers simplistic combat and fewer puzzles, which may deter some players seeking more depth. Nevertheless, its unique atmosphere compensates for its mechanical limitations.

Unlocking the Platinum trophy in Death’s Door presents a greater challenge, as it requires two playthroughs. The first playthrough involves finding everything and uncovering all the secrets, while the second playthrough restricts players to using only a basic umbrella as their melee weapon. Obtaining the Platinum trophy will likely take players around 15 to 20 hours.

Is Dreams still worth redeeming?

Although Media Molecule is no longer supporting Dreams, the game’s servers will remain active for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is still highly recommended to redeem Dreams. The game received widespread praise upon its release, achieving an average score of 90. Players and critics were enamored by the creative opportunities it provided, allowing users to craft their own games and explore a vast collection of player-made creations. Media Molecule continued to enhance the game post-launch, introducing features like PSVR support, quality-of-life improvements, and additional creation tools.

While the sheer volume of games and experiences may overwhelm some users, the variety on display is remarkable, making Dreams a truly unique and worthwhile addition to any PlayStation library. Although Dreams will not receive further updates, its enduring appeal is evident by the surge in players after its inclusion in PlayStation Plus. Obtaining the Platinum trophy in Dreams is a time-consuming task, with multiple quests, tutorials, and experience bars to complete. The journey to reach level 30 and achieve the Platinum trophy may require approximately 50 or more hours of gameplay.