How To Become An Oathbreaker Paladin In Baldur’s Gate 3

Becoming an Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Paladin class is widely regarded as one of the most powerful in Baldur’s Gate 3, thanks to the unique abilities bestowed upon them by their chosen subclass. The subclass determines the Paladin’s behavior and background, but it is not set in stone. Those who wish to break free from their oath can become an Oathbreaker Paladin, opening up new abilities and dialogue options. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to break your oath and become an Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Becoming an Oathbreaker Paladin

It is important to note that choosing to break your oath does not automatically make your Paladin an evil character. Oathbreaker Paladins simply follow a new set of rules for themselves, departing from their original oath without necessarily turning to the path of darkness. In certain scenarios, you may be faced with a moral dilemma that challenges your oath, leading you to choose what is right instead. These situations can be difficult to identify on your own, so we have outlined the specific actions you can take to break your oath below. Remember, each subclass has different requirements for becoming an Oathbreaker, so follow the instructions that correspond to your specific oath in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Oath of the Ancients

The Oath of the Ancients focuses on fighting for light and preserving the sanctity of life and nature. To break this oath, you must always side with righteousness, no matter the circumstances. Here are some actions that will break the Oath of the Ancients:

  • Killing an innocent person
  • Freeing the goblin Sazza in Emerald Grove
  • Killing both the Owlbear and the Owlbear cub in Owlbear Cave
  • Using Auntie Ethel’s wand to revive Mayrina’s husband
  • Killing the Tiefling Pandima at Emerald Grove

Oath of Vengeance

The Oath of Vengeance requires Paladins to set aside their own purity in order to deliver justice to those who have committed the most heinous sins. To break this oath, you must judge any evil person swiftly, regardless of their motives. Here is one action that breaks the Oath of Vengeance:

  • Freeing Sazza in Emerald Grove

Oath of Devotion

The Oath of Devotion revolves around the ideals of a knight in shining armor, acting with honor and virtue to protect the weak and pursue the greater good. To break this oath, you must disregard these values and beliefs. Here are some actions that break the Oath of Devotion:

  • Torturing Liam, the man strapped to a board, in the Shattered Sanctum at the Goblin Camp
  • Betraying the Goblin Camp after convincing Minthara not to attack Emerald Grove
  • Killing the Tieflings who have captured Lae’zel in a cage after crashing on the beach
  • Allowing Arka to kill Sazza in Emerald Grove
  • Killing someone of weak standing without apparent reason

Meeting with the Oathbreaker Paladin

After breaking your oath, the Oathbreaker Knight will appear in your camp. A cutscene will ensue, and he will summon you to visit him the next time you take a long rest. You can find the Paladin in your camp and speak to him to learn about his history and the significance of being an Oathbreaker. At this point, you have the choice to accept your new powers as an Oathbreaker or pay a penance fee to restore your oath. If you wish to embrace your new path as an Oathbreaker, decline the fee and accept your newfound abilities as a Paladin. These abilities can be assigned to your hotbar for immediate use.

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