All Bernard Answers (Arcane Tower)

All Bernard Answers in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you are exploring Arcane Tower in Underdark, you might be looking for the correct Bernard Answers in BG3. Being a construct, this NPC asks and responds only in a particular way of poetry. Considering that, you can get plenty of loot for answering Bernard correctly or with fixed dialogue responses for his every question. But if you answer him like other NPCs, he will state that he doesn’t know the command. Since there are also chances Bernard can turn hostile, you might want some help answering him. So, check out our guide to find out all the Bernard answers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Here are all the correct Bernard answers in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Q1: New sounds through damp and dark oppression break/ is it the foe, that foul, contemptuous heel?
    • Correct Answer: “Or art thou friend, a rescue from my lonely wake?
    • Reward: 50 XP (To all party members and you).
  • Q2: Command as you see fit, my lord, my liege.
    • Answer: “How can I trust? How will I ever know? / How can I show myself, my darkest me?
    • Reward: Guiding Light (Bernard puts the ring on the Table)
  • Alternative Answer: “The silence stretches on – I’m all alone. / Please, can I hold your hands, for just a while?
    • Reward: Bernard hugs you.
  • Q3: If you do not your deepest secrets show? / Reveal your truth, give what you wish to see.
    • Answer: Pick up the Guiding Light on the table and interact with Bernard.
  • Q4: Command as you see fit, my lord, my liege.
    • Answer: “These empty sheets are all that’s left of you. / The last of all the thoughtless gifts you have.
    • Reward: Potion of Greater Healing

Since Bernard’s responses are cited from the Parched Parchment, Tornout paper, and books like The Roads to Darkness, Threadbare, or Dusty Book in Arcane Tower, ensure to pick them all. If you choose other answers or made Bernard hostile in BG3, you must defeat him to get the loot. In that case, you can get most loot before answering or interacting with him.

Bernard Drops in Baldur’s Gate 3

So, here’s the following loot or rewards that Bernard drops:

  • Light of Creation (Martial two-handed melee weapon)
  • Guiding Light (Uncommon Ring)
  • Scroll of Prayer of Healing (Magical Scroll)
  • Antique key

That’s all about the Bernard answers in BG3. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out all the Ornate mirror answers, how to sheath weapons, and more Baldur’s Gate 3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.