Dana White’s Power Slap is coming to mobile courtesy of Zynga | Pocket Gamer.biz

Power Slap Gets Mobile Game Adaptation by Zynga Subsidiary Rollic

Zynga subsidiary Rollic is set to release a mobile game adaptation of Power Slap, the popular “slap fighting” tournament founded by UFC’s Dana White. The game, named after the sport itself, aims to bring the social media phenomenon to a global player base. With Rollic’s experience in integrating social and digital trends into gaming, and the collaboration with Zynga’s expertise, the mobile title is expected to capture the spirit of the live events.

Rollic’s Success in the Gaming Industry

Rollic has a proven track record of success in the gaming industry, boasting over two billion downloads across its portfolio and multiple number one or two spots on the U.S. iOS store. With Zynga’s support, Rollic is well-equipped to turn the unconventional sport of Power Slap into a successful mobile game.

A Challenge for Power Slap in Traditional Media

While Power Slap has gained viral popularity, it has faced challenges in traditional media. A show for the tournament on TBS was recently cancelled, indicating the preference for digital platforms in promoting the sport. A mobile game adaptation could be the ideal way for Dana White to introduce Power Slap to a wider audience.