Avowed was originally co-op but Obsidian ditched it to “refocus”

Obsidian’s Avowed Game Originally Planned as Co-op but Eventually “Refocused” in Development

Obsidian Entertainment, known for their quality single-player games, had initially planned to develop Avowed as a co-op game. However, during the course of development, the studio decided to “refocus” the game, moving away from the multiplayer focus they had originally intended. Studio head Feargus Urquhart revealed this in the latest episode of Obsidian Entertainment’s 20th Anniversary documentary series. The full video can be viewed below.

Reflecting on decisions made over the past 20 years, Urquhart stated, “When I look back at 20 years, there’s decisions of mine that I feel really good about, there’s decisions that I feel not so good about… One of the things where I really pushed was that Avowed was going to be multiplayer, and I kept on that for a long time.”

According to Justin Britch, head of development, the original focus on co-op gameplay had a negative impact on how the studio approached quests and dialogue. Eventually, there was a need to “refocus” and ensure that Avowed remained true to Obsidian’s signature style and did not become something entirely different.

For fans of Obsidian’s previous single-player games, this change in direction will be welcome news. Obsidian has gained a reputation for creating rich and enjoyable single-player experiences.

A specific release date for Avowed has not been announced, although it is speculated to launch next year. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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