Baldur’s Gate 3 – Gather Your Allies Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gather Your Allies: Unlocking Characters and Factions for the Final Battle

Your journey in Baldur’s Gate 3 has led you to many places, where you have performed both heroic and nefarious deeds. Along the way, you have gained the trust and support of various individuals and groups who are willing to fight alongside you in the final battle. In this guide, we will discuss the Gather Your Allies quest and the characters and factions that can aid you. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

How to Complete the Gather Your Allies Quest

The Gather Your Allies quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 becomes important once you understand the true threat you are facing. As you progress, NPCs and groups will offer their assistance, but you must make key decisions to unlock their support.

In the climactic battle, after completing the Free Orpheus quest, you will have access to a special skill called “Call Forth Allies.” This skill allows you to summon additional units during combat. However, it is crucial to keep them alive, as their deaths will prevent you from summoning them again.

It’s important to note that this list may not be exhaustive, as there are branching paths and outcomes that we did not explore. We focused on the ones we encountered during our playthrough.

Unlockable Allies

Volo the Bard

Unlock method: Rescue Volo in the Goblin Camp during Act 1. Encounter him again in Act 3 in the southwestern part of the Lower City.

Summon: None

Battle-Ready Owlbear and Dammon

Owlbear unlock method: Kill the Mama Owlbear in the cave in Act 1, sparing the Owlbear Cub. Rescue and befriend it in the Goblin Camp. Feed it during a camp scene in Act 2.

Dammon unlock method: Save the Tiefling refugees in Act 1 and ensure Isobel’s survival in Act 2. Find Dammon in the Druid Grove.

Summon: Battle-Ready Owlbear

Barcus Wroot and Wulbren

Unlock method (needs confirmation): Save Barcus Wroot in the Blighted Village in Act 1. Help the enslaved gnomes in the battle against True Soul Nere in Grymforge. Find Barcus Wroot in Last Light Inn in Act 2 and rescue Wulbren in Moonrise Towers.

Summon: Unknown


Unlock method: Rescue Halsin in the Goblin Camp during Act 1, then complete his objectives in Act 2 to fully recruit him.

Summon: None


Unlock method: Encounter Counselor Florrick in Act 1 and 2. Find her captive in Wyrm’s Rock Prison in Act 3 and rescue her.

Summon: Florrick’s Cohort


Unlock method: Ensure Isobel’s survival throughout Act 2.

Summon: Balm of the Moonmaiden


Unlock method: Free and spare Nightsong in the realm beneath the Gauntlet of Shar. Defend her against Lorroakan in Act 3.

Summon: Sword of the Silverlight


Unlock method: Save “Zariel’s Asset” in the Mind Flayer Colony at the end of Act 2.

Summon: Mizora, Agent of Avernus

Bhaal’s Slayer

Unlock method: Start with the Dark Urge origin and defeat Orin the Red. Accept your destiny as Bhaal’s Chosen upon encountering Sarevok in the Murder Tribunal.

Summon: Unknown

Ulma and the Gur

Unlock method: Progress in Astarion’s arc and enter Cazador’s Dungeon. Help Astarion resist the allure of vampiric ascendancy and free the captive spawn to prevent a fight with Ulma’s group.

Summon: Gur Huntwardens

Vampire Ascendant Astarion

Unlock method: In Cazador’s Dungeon, allow Astarion to complete the ritual to become a Vampire Ascendant. Then, slay the Gur hunters that arrive.

Summon: Unknown

Inspector Valeria

Unlock method: Complete the full Murder Mystery story arc in Act 3.

Summon: The Watch

Jaheira’s Harpers

Unlock method: Complete Jaheira’s The High Harper quest chain and recruit her during Act 2. Also, recruit Minsc during Act 3 and ensure their survival.

Summon: Silver Harp Squadron

Duke Ravengard

Unlock method: Complete Helsik’s Ritual and enter the House of Hope in Act 3. Talk to Yurgir and make him join you temporarily before facing Raphael.

Summon: Hellstalker Yurgir


Unlock method: Ensure Nightsong survives Act 2. Betray her by handing her over to Lorroakan in Act 3.

Summon: Unknown

Viconia DeVir

Unlock method: Make sure Shadowheart spares Nightsong in Act 2. Help Shadowheart embrace her Selunite origin in Act 3. Betray Shadowheart to the Sharran cultists.

Summon: Unknown


Unlock method (needs confirmation): Have Shadowheart kill Nightsong in Act 2. Help her attain a leadership position in the House of Grief enclave in Act 3.

Summon: Unknown

Note: Some summon abilities are not confirmed due to different storyline choices made in our playthrough. Further exploration is needed to uncover all the possibilities.

Now that you have an idea of the characters and factions that can join your cause, gather your allies and lead them to victory in the final battle of Baldur’s Gate 3.