Quality-of-life changes detailed for Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3

Honkai: Star Rail

Developers of the popular game Honkai: Star Rail have already started planning for the next major update, even as Version 1.2 is still in progress. In a recent “Developer Radio” newsletter, the team outlined some exciting changes that will greatly enhance the game’s quality of life. These updates will include improvements to the Trailblaze Power system, story dialogue, and the chatting system.

Honkai: Star Rail utilizes an energy system known as Trailblaze Power, which limits players from endlessly farming materials and equipment. However, players will be thrilled to learn that the developers are raising the Trailblaze Power cap from 180 to 240. Additionally, any excess Trailblaze Power will be converted into a new resource called “Reserved Trailblaze Power,” which allows players to save up any unused energy. This feature will reduce the need for constant logins and worries about exceeding the Trailblaze Power limit.

Quality of Life Changes

Screenshot by PC Invasion

One of the notable quality-of-life improvements is the introduction of a new 5-star Light Cone in Herta’s Shop. This Light Cone belongs to the “Nihility” class and will be available for players to obtain for free. The shop already offers a range of free 5-star Light Cones for players to collect. Other changes aim to enhance the gaming experience, including the ability to replay story dialogues, send stickers during chats with friends, and improve the auto-battle feature.

To get a more detailed overview of all the upcoming changes, you can visit the official blog post here. In the meantime, Version 1.2 of Honkai: Star Rail is still ongoing, introducing two new summonable characters named Kafka and Luka.