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Telltale Acquires Flavourworks to Enhance Future Projects

Telltale, the renowned developer of story-driven games, has recently acquired UK game and technology developer Flavourworks. This undisclosed deal aims to integrate Flavourworks’ unique video technology into Telltale’s upcoming projects.

Revolutionary Video Technology

At the center of Flavourworks’ game engine, TouchVideo, is live action video captured at cinema quality. This innovative approach enables the creation of interactive, playable gaming experiences that surpass the limitations of traditional full-motion video games.

Telltale, known for their successful mobile game series such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, faced challenges when shifting market preferences led to a decline in high-budget premium games. After temporary closure and subsequent reinvestment, Telltale emerged and sought new opportunities.

Flavourworks’ Unfinished Projects

Prior to the acquisition, Flavourworks had been working on a sequel to their commercially available product, Erica, as well as an action/robbery thriller called Cuttlefish and a three-part adventure titled Hush. It remains uncertain whether these projects will be released by Telltale or if they were intended solely as tech demos to showcase Flavourworks’ capabilities.

Flavourworks’ unreleased interactive gangland heist game, Cuttlefish has proven to be the perfect tech demo

A Game-Changing Experience

Flavourworks’ TouchVideo technology allows players to interact with high-quality live action video seamlessly. By incorporating multiple streams, reverse and forward looping, and alternative takes, the gameplay responds to the player’s touch, creating a truly immersive experience.

Unlike traditional “live-action” games that rely on multiple choice text prompts, Flavourworks’ approach, called “Play Don’t Say,” lets players make choices and engage with the adventure game naturally, just like any other conventional game.

Expanding Possibilities

Flavourworks also explored the use of pre-rendered PC and console-quality graphics to enhance their TouchVideo engine. This breakthrough technology enables the creation of touchscreen games with the visual fidelity and performance of high-end PC or console games, yet compatible with portable devices. This aspect of Flavourworks’ technology, along with Telltale’s own experimental projects like “FlikTok,” a touchable, interactive social video concept, made the acquisition especially appealing.

Industry Recognition

The acquisition garnered attention from industry experts, including gaming legend Ian Livingstone, co-founding partner of Hiro Capital. Livingstone expressed excitement about the collaboration between Telltale and Flavourworks, anticipating innovative gameplay experiences in future narrative games.

Zachary Slatter, CEO of Flavourworks, will join the Telltale management team as the managing director for Europe. Slatter expressed his delight in being part of Telltale, highlighting their iconic brand and shared commitment to technological innovation.