Video of PS5 With Detachable Disc Drive Leaks

A leaked photo of the upcoming PS5 console with a detachable disc drive created a buzz among users. However, a new video has recently surfaced that provides a better look at the console.

This new video gives a better view of the new PS5

Twitter user BwE_Dev claimed to have a video of the same console seen in the leaked photo. They shared the video, rotating the system and showcasing almost all sides of it. While the functionality and attachment mechanism of the disc drive remain unclear, the video offers a closer look at its unique dimensions. It’s worth mentioning that the video reveals that this is merely the shell of the system.

The video also highlights a notable change in the design – the presence of two USB-C ports on the front, as opposed to the one USB-A port and one USB-C port found in the current PS5 models. However, the video does not showcase the backside of the console.

As mentioned earlier, this PS5 variant with a detachable disc drive has not been officially announced. However, rumors and reports about it have been circulating for the past two years, gaining more specificity in September 2022 with mentions of the detachable drive. Interestingly, Microsoft mistakenly referred to this console as a slim model in recent hearings, suggesting that they were aware of the upcoming hardware. Insider Tom Henderson, who initially reported on the console with the detachable drive, clarified that it is not a slim model, and this video supports his statement.