Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis gets September 7 release date | Pocket

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Release Date

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will launch on September 7th.

Initially announced alongside Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in 2021, Ever Crisis is a mobile game that retells the stories from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. This sub-series includes various games, anime, films, and books related to the beloved Final Fantasy VII RPG franchise. While some of these stories were previously exclusive to the Japanese market, Ever Crisis will make them accessible to a wider audience.

In addition to the original games, Ever Crisis will also feature new content such as the backstory of the infamous Sephiroth.

The gameplay will use Final Fantasy’s Active Time Battle system and include quality of life improvements like auto mode and adjustable battle speed. The game will also introduce a gacha system, allowing players to acquire in-game items like characters and weapons. Ever Crisis will be free-to-play and released episodically, with the goal of attracting newcomers to the series.

Early Reviews

Early reviews for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis have been mixed. Critics have praised the combat and graphics, but expressed concerns about the storytelling approach. Some have criticized the “piecemeal” narrative, where iconic moments from the series are either removed or presented as cutscenes. IGN’s review states that while the game is well-designed as a gacha game, it falls short of matching the original reveal and may struggle to engage newcomers.

Potential Success

It remains uncertain whether Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will meet Square Enix’s expectations. The company’s mobile division has faced challenges recently, with several titles being discontinued. However, there is still a strong demand for the franchise, and Ever Crisis seems to have the potential for success.

Preregistration for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is currently open ahead of its official release.