Diablo 4 Player Trading Suspended Due to Item Exploit

Player trading in Diablo 4 has been temporarily suspended due to an exploit that allowed players to duplicate gold and items. Despite the release of update 1.1.2, the developer has been unable to resolve the issue, resulting in the feature being unavailable.

The Diablo 4 player trading exploit leads to potential account suspensions

Blizzard has stated that any accounts found engaging in gold and item duplication exploits will face consequences according to the End User License Agreement. In a statement, Blizzard said:

We’ve temporarily suspended player trading in Diablo IV due to a gold and item duplication exploit. We are actively working on a solution and will update players once trading is reinstated. We will also continue monitoring this activity to ensure a fair gaming experience for everyone. Any accounts involved in gold and item duplication exploits will be handled accordingly, in accordance with our End User License Agreement.

We appreciate your assistance in bringing this exploit to our attention and your patience.

However, Blizzard has assured players that those who unknowingly traded with exploiters will not face any penalties. Update 1.1.2, released on all platforms on August 15, did not fully resolve the issue. Therefore, player trading remains suspended as the team continues to investigate and aims to resolve the problem soon. To view the full patch notes for update 1.1.2, visit the official website of the game.

The player trading exploit involved one player offering a significant amount of gold and/or items for trade, then quitting the game before the trade was accepted. Upon restarting the game, the first player would retain all their items while the second player would also have them in their inventory. This exploit has caused prices on the Discord market to skyrocket, with one YouTuber, Jeppe-O, showcasing the sale of a crossbow for 30 billion gold.