Project Zomboid – How to Build a Base

How to Build a Strong Base in Project Zomboid

Building a secure base is crucial for survival in Project Zomboid. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This step-by-step guide will help you construct a solid base in Project Zomboid that will greatly increase your chances of surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

Things to Consider Before Building a Base

Building a base in Project Zomboid requires a combination of fortification and storage. While you can decorate your base to your liking, it is not a top priority in a world overrun by death. It’s important to familiarize yourself with beginner’s guides to get a comprehensive overview of the game. Additionally, certain skills like Carpentry, Metalworking, Mechanics, and Electrical are essential for constructing advanced base designs, so make sure to level up these skills. Finally, always be cautious as construction can attract zombies.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

There are several important tools you’ll need to gather for building your base in Project Zomboid:

  • Hammer, Nails, and Planks: Used for building wooden walls and fences.
  • Saw: Used to disassemble objects and convert logs into planks.
  • Pipe wrench: Used for plumbing purposes, like picking up sinks and toilets.
  • Shovel: Used for setting up a farm.
  • Crowbar: Used to pick up dumpsters for efficient organization.
  • Sledgehammer: Useful for breaking down doors, walls, and stairs.

Depending on your desired base design, you may need more or fewer tools, but these basic tools should meet most of your needs.

Step 2: Find a Suitable Location

The next step is to find a safe location to build your base. There are numerous options available across the four starting locations in Project Zomboid. It’s recommended to seek out guides that suggest the best places to build a base based on personal preferences.

Step 3: Construct Walls and Fences

If your chosen base already has built-in fences, you can skip this step and focus on other aspects. However, if your base lacks fortification, it’s crucial to surround it with strong walls and fences. These structures will keep the undead out and provide a safe haven for crafting, resting, and strategizing. Wooden walls and fences are recommended for early-game construction, with options like Log Wall and Wooden Fence offering decent protection without depleting too many resources.

Step 4: Expand the Outdoor Area

If you’ve chosen a base with ample space, such as a gas station or a warehouse, you can skip this step. However, if you opt for an abandoned house in the forest or near a river, clearing out the surrounding area is necessary. This expansion will allow you to build essential facilities like a farm, parking areas, storage rooms, and rain collector barrels. While it may require additional effort to manage, the extra space outside will greatly strengthen your survival setup.

Step 5: Construct Additional Floors

Consider building a second floor or adding extra floors to your base for more space and efficient resource management. To construct extra floors, select “Carpentry” => “Stairs” and place the stairs to reach the top floor. Then, choose “Carpentry” => “Wooden Floor” to fill the area. You can secure the new floor by building walls and roofs. Additionally, consider adding windows with tied ropes for quick access or escape.

Step 6: Find a Generator

A generator acts as a mini power plant, supplying electricity to all electrical equipment in your base. It’s essential for countering frequent power outages. Keep in mind that you’ll need to regularly refuel the generator to keep it running. Seek out guides to learn where to find a generator and how to use it effectively.

Step 7: Build Storage Rooms

Additional storage rooms provide numerous benefits for organizing and storing supplies. You can repurpose the garage or construct a storage room outside your base. To build a storage room, place a “Wooden Floor” on the ground and designate the desired space. Create walls around the floor by selecting “Wall” => “Wooden Wall Frame”. Leave a space for a door frame and build a wooden door. Use wooden floors for the roof and furnish the interior to your liking, with options like bar corners, bookcases, and shelves. Wooden crates are recommended for storage.

Step 8: Create a Comfortable Bedroom

A high-quality bed is essential for quality sleep in Project Zomboid. While crafting a large oak bed is ideal, you can also find one in other houses and bring it back to your base. Alternatively, you can craft an average-quality bed by selecting “Carpentry” => “Furniture” => “Bed”.

Step 9: Barricade Windows

To enhance your safety against zombies, consider boarding up windows. This will allow you to focus on essential tasks without constant worry. Only barricade windows on the first floor, as windows on the second floor can be used as emergency exits. Seek out guides to learn how to properly board up and barricade windows.

Step 10: Finalize Your Base

The final step is to add any remaining features or structures to your base, such as rainwater collectors or garden beds. Continuously assess and improve your base to ensure maximum survival chances.