An easy way to narrow down Bubbulfrog locations in Tears of the Kingdom

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Tracking Down Bubbulfrogs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across 147 caves hiding collectible Bubbul Gems. However, you only need to find 47 of them to earn all the rewards from Koltin. But if you’re determined to fulfill Koltin’s dream of becoming a Satori, you’ll have to locate all of them. It can be a challenge to find the remaining Bubbulfrogs on your own once you’ve discovered most of the caves and their corresponding locations. Fortunately, Tears of the Kingdom provides a helpful method for narrowing down any missed Bubbulfrog locations.

Using Koltin to Track Down Bubbulfrogs

After obtaining all the rewards from Koltin, he will offer to sense nearby Bubbulfrogs and give you hints about their general location. He will also inform you of the number of Bubbul Gems that you still need to find. To pinpoint the exact spots where Koltin can appear, refer to the map below.

Tears Of The Kingdom Koltin Map Bubbulfrog

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It’s important to remember Koltin’s locations because they determine which Bubbulfrogs he can detect. For example, if you speak to Koltin in Death Mountain, he will only inform you about any remaining Bubbulfrogs in the Eldin region, more or less. If you have already found all the Bubbul Gems in that region, Koltin will say that he can’t detect any nearby. This is your signal to cross that region off your checklist and move on to another one.

You can also rely on Satori’s cherry blossoms to assist you in finding caves, although they won’t indicate whether or not you’ve found a cave’s Bubbul Gem. Overall, utilizing Koltin’s assistance will greatly simplify your Bubbulfrog hunt in Tears of the Kingdom.