Genshin Impact devs cover up the butts of characters in underwater

Genshin Impact receives a major update, introducing the new water-themed region of Fontaine. While players can now explore underwater worlds, there is a noticeable change in character design. Developer Hoyoverse has implemented a method to censor the characters’ buttocks, even for conservatively dressed male characters.

Discovering the Ocean of Fontaine

In the 4.0 update, players have the opportunity to dive beneath the surface and explore the ocean surrounding Fontaine. The swimming mechanics are smooth and exhilarating, allowing players to glide through coral reefs and underwater caves. However, upon entering the water, characters’ buttocks are obscured by a small, circular bubble-like effect. This visual alteration appears to serve one purpose: to hide the view of the characters’ rear ends. You can see an example below:

This TikTok contains a compilation of other characters with the censoring bubble, in case you’re interested in seeing more examples.

The Half-Hearted Censorship Effect

While the bubble censor is not particularly noticeable when transitioning between locations, it disappears when the camera angle is changed to the front. However, the implementation of this effect feels somewhat lacking in effort. The bubble censor is applied to numerous characters, regardless of their attire. Even characters like Bennett, who wears cargo shorts and a fanny pack, have the bubble censor. The same applies to Zhongli, who wears pants and has flowing sashes covering his back. Polygon has reached out to Hoyoverse for clarification and will update the article accordingly.

A More Conservative Approach

It remains unclear why characters with full suits and cargo shorts require the bubble censor, but there are a few possible reasons for its inclusion. As Genshin Impact achieves global success, adopting a more conservative character design can enhance the game’s accessibility in various regions. In 2022, the developers released alternative outfits for characters that adhere to a more conservative style. Moreover, some fans have criticized the game for its depiction of characters with exaggerated “boob jiggle physics,” and the bubble censor could be a precautionary measure given the new underwater environment and potential angles.

The Reality for Male Characters

In terms of male characters, there is less to cover up, so the bubble censor does not significantly impact their appearance. Characters like Zhongli or Ayato already have their buttocks covered by their respective outfits. Kaveh, although praised for his rear end, owes his perfect look to his Vision. Lastly, there’s Kaeya, whom I personally adore, but who unfortunately has “spaghetti legs.”

R.I.P. to all the flat asses of Teyvat. May you forever be hidden behind the tiny bubble filter.