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Mobile Data Usage: Latvian Users on Top

Data from Atlas VPN reveals that mobile users in Latvia consume the most data, surpassing other countries within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Latvian users, on average, consume 41.76 gigabytes of mobile broadband data per month. This high usage can be attributed to the country’s extensive access to high-speed mobile networks and unlimited data plans.

Following closely behind Latvia, Finland takes second place with an average of 40.07 gigabytes, while Austria secures the third spot with 30.27 gigabytes. Only one non-European country, Chile, ranks among the top ten with an average consumption of 18.97 gigabytes per month, placing it ahead of Sweden with 18.84 gigabytes.

The data further reveals that the average mobile data usage per device among OECD countries is 9 gigabytes per month. Interestingly, major gaming markets like the USA, the UK, and Germany fall below this average.

Villus Kardelis, cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN, emphasizes the importance of moderation and balance in mobile connectivity. As global networks continue to improve, the average mobile usage rates are likely to rise, and mobile technology will become even more integrated into our everyday lives.

A World Connected: Mobile Data Usage Insights

In addition to analyzing mobile data usage worldwide, the data also provides insights into how mobile data is utilized in different countries.

Estonia stands out with an average of around two mobile broadband subscriptions per person, totaling 204.1 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants. The report highlights that Estonian citizens extensively use mobile networks not only for smartphones but also for other internet-connected devices. With a 96% internet penetration rate, Estonia has widely adopted mobile technology.

Similarly, Japan, an early adopter of mobile technology, averages slightly less than two subscriptions per person, amounting to 196.5 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants. The United States ranks third in this aspect, with 176 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants, illustrating the prevalence of mobile-adjacent devices like tablets and smartwatches.