Modern Warfare III’s Campaign Creative Director Discusses Sequels, Open Combat Missions, and More

Interview with David Swenson, Campaign Creative Director for Modern Warfare III

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with David Swenson, the Campaign Creative Director for Modern Warfare III, to discuss the upcoming release, innovative campaign features, and more. In this interview, Swenson shares insights on the direct sequel, collaboration with other studios, and a major gameplay innovation. Read on to learn more about what to expect from Modern Warfare III.

Creating a Direct Sequel

For the first time in franchise history, Modern Warfare III is a direct sequel to its predecessor, Modern Warfare II. Swenson expresses his excitement about the opportunity to continue the story without any significant gaps, stating, “This is a huge opportunity. We don’t have to spend time reintroducing the characters and their backstories because players have been invested in them since the last game.” This seamless continuation of the narrative allows players to dive right back into the action.

A Story for Everyone

Swenson emphasizes that both new and returning players will enjoy the campaign. While dedicated fans will appreciate the additional depth provided by live seasons, the story is designed to make sense even for those experiencing a Modern Warfare game for the first time. Swenson assures players that they’re in for an “amazing thrill ride” regardless of their familiarity with the franchise.

Collaboration and Constant Innovation

Given that the Call of Duty franchise has been around for two decades with over twenty releases, I asked Swenson about the collaboration between studios and their ability to consistently deliver blockbuster games. Swenson explains that all the developers involved are not only fans of the game but also deeply invested in the characters and the world they inhabit. He also expresses admiration for the narrative teams at each studio and mentions that collaborating with Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare III has been a rewarding experience.

Introducing Open Combat Missions

Swenson drops a bombshell when he reveals “Open Combat Missions” (OCMs), a significant innovation in the Call of Duty campaign experience. OCMs add a level of choice and opportunity to mission completion, allowing players to tackle objectives based on their preferred playstyle. Whether players choose to adopt stealth techniques or go for an all-out assault, the game adapts to their decisions.

OCMs are seamlessly integrated into the campaign’s story and offer more choices than ever before. Swenson explains that these missions are not just side quests but rather integral parts of the narrative. They also include hidden loot boxes and weapon crates that can reward players with special items, such as killstreaks known as Armaments.

Looking to the Future

Wrapping up the interview, I asked Swenson for his final thoughts on the game and the excitement surrounding its upcoming release. Swenson reveals that while he has played through the campaign countless times during testing, his favorite part is watching others experience the game he and his team have created. With the worldwide reveal now complete, Swenson and the entire team are eagerly awaiting the moment when players can finally get their hands on Modern Warfare III.