Soft caps for each stat and attribute in Elden Ring 2023

Soft Caps for Attribute Leveling in Elden Ring: Everything You Need to Know

Runes are a valuable resource in Elden Ring, and it’s important to optimize your character’s leveling and Rune usage. In this guide, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about Elden Ring’s Attribute soft caps. Understanding these soft caps will help you make informed decisions when it comes to leveling up your character.

Soft Caps for Every Stat/Attribute in Elden Ring

  • Vigor: 40/60
  • Mind: 55/60
  • Endurance (Stamina): 15 / 30/ 50
  • Endurance (Equip Load): 25/60
  • Strength: 20/55/80
  • Dexterity: 20/55/80
  • Intelligence (Attack): 20/50/80
  • Intelligence (Sorcery): 60/80
  • Faith (Attack): 20/50/80
  • Faith (Incantation): 60/80
  • Arcane (Attack): 20/60/80
  • Arcane (Status): 40/45/60

Understanding Soft Caps in Elden Ring

A soft cap in Elden Ring refers to the point at which the benefit gained from leveling an Attribute becomes less significant. It is sometimes referred to as a “breakpoint.” For example, Vigor increases HP by an average of +29.5 until reaching 40 Vigor. From levels 41-60, this decrease to an average of +22.5. Beyond level 61, the increase is a mere +5.1. In simple terms, investing further in Vigor beyond level 60 is generally not worthwhile, and it’s better to allocate Runes to other stats. Of course, if you have an abundance of Runes, you can disregard this advice.

Vigor Soft Cap Breakdown

  • Level 1-40: Increases HP between +4 and +48
  • Level 41-60: Increases HP between +26 and +13
  • Level 61-99: Increases HP between +6 and +3

Vigor affects HP, fire resistance, and immunity. Since survival is crucial in Elden Ring, it is recommended to invest a minimum of 40 Vigor into any character.

Mind Soft Cap Breakdown

  • Level 1-15: Increases FP between +3 and +4
  • Level 16-35: Increases FP between +5 and +6
  • Level 36-50: Increases FP between +7 and +6
  • Level 51-60: Increases FP between +6 and +4
  • Level 61-99: Increases FP between +2 and +3

Mind affects FP (Focus Points) and Focus stat. Interestingly, the FP gain from Mind increases after investing 15 points and peaks between levels 36-50. It slightly decreases from levels 51-60 and reaches its true soft cap at level 61+. The amount you should invest in Mind depends on the magic skills you plan to use. If you find yourself frequently running out of FP during battles, focus on increasing Mind to ensure sufficient resource management.

Endurance Soft Cap Breakdown


  • Level 1-15: Increases Stamina by an average of +1.79
  • Level 16-30: Increases Stamina by an average of +1.67
  • Level 31-50: Increases Stamina by an average of +1.25
  • Level 51-99: Increases Stamina by an average of +0.31

Equip Load

  • Level 1-15: Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.59
  • Level 26-60: Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.36
  • Level 61-99: Increases maximum Equip Load by an average of +1.03

Endurance affects Stamina, Robustness, and Equip Load. Rolling and movement are vital in Elden Ring, and Endurance plays a significant role in determining your character’s mobility. Stamina is required for rolling, sprinting, and casting spells, making it important for all build types. Additionally, Endurance affects your character’s weight class (Equip Load), which influences the efficiency of your rolls. Aim for a weight ratio of 30-69.9% to maintain a medium load. Higher weight percentages result in slower stamina regeneration and longer rolls, which can be detrimental to combat.

Strength and Dexterity

Strength affects the Attack Power of Strength-based weapons, while Dexterity affects the Attack Power of Dexterity-based weapons. The soft caps for these attributes depend on the specific weapon being used and its damage type. Most melee weapons have Strength requirements, often paired with Dexterity requirements.

Faith and Intelligence

Faith is necessary for performing Incantations and enhancing their power. It scales with the Sacred Seals you are using, and the soft caps for Faith depend on the specific Seal. Intelligence is required for performing glintstone magic and scaling with Intelligence-based Sorceries. Additionally, it improves Magic Resistance. The soft caps for Intelligence vary depending on the Staff used.


Arcane scales with various weapon effects, such as poison, sleep, bleed, and madness. It also affects Item Discovery, increasing the likelihood of finding items. Determine the ideal level of Arcane based on your preferred weapon effects and item discovery needs.

If you ever need to reset your Attributes, refer to our guide on how to find Larval Tears and respec your character.