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New Gaming Group “Prestiged” Formed by Remote Control Productions and AUCTUS Capital Partners

Remote Control Productions GmbH (RCP) and AUCTUS Capital Partners AG have joined forces to create Prestiged, a gaming group that combines RCP’s industry expertise with AUCTUS’s market insights and financial expertise. This collaboration aims to establish a modern powerhouse in the gaming industry.

Prestiged will offer efficient management of overheads, administrative tasks, and auxiliary services for its members, while also leveraging connections in the worlds of finance and gaming to empower studios in the development of compelling and successful titles. Both RCP and AUCTUS will continue to operate independently outside of the Prestiged group.

The primary focus of Prestiged will be on Europe, but the group will also explore opportunities beyond the region. Their goal is to build a collection of established gaming companies that have creative independence, increased market power, tailored synergies, and a long-term commitment to sustainable growth.

The Role of Mobile Gaming

While the announcement did not explicitly mention the role of mobile gaming in Prestiged, it is important to note that mobile remains the most profitable gaming platform globally. With AUCTUS’s knowledge of the market and the financial performance of mobile gaming, it is likely that the platform will have a prominent position in the group’s endeavors.

AUCTUS investment professional Florian Aichinger stated, “We have been observing the gaming market for some time now, and it has recently returned to more reasonable valuations. However, entering more complex markets should not be solely focused on consolidation. That is why we partnered with Hendrik and RCP. AUCTUS excels at executing deals, while Hendrik is renowned for his understanding of the industry and the many talented individuals within the community. Speaking the same language is crucial.”

A Collaborative Approach

AUCTUS and RCP strongly believe that collaborative efforts are more likely to succeed in the long run compared to individual endeavors. They aim to build a leading European group that caters to the needs of mid-sized gaming companies, offering exceptional content and a shared vision and passion.

RCP CEO Hendrik Lesser added, “Gaming is a complex and sometimes volatile business, affecting studios, staff, and investors alike. However, we are confident that by combining our industry insight with Auctus’ financial expertise, we can establish an innovative gaming group that brings stability, profitability, and creative freedom to its members. Together, we are stronger, and we look forward to growing our strength with our new partners.”

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023, Remote Control Productions’ business development manager Katerina Burbela discussed how gaming can make a positive impact on the world. The next event, Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, will take place on September 12 in Finland.