Destiny 2 Altars Of Summoning Guide: How To Complete The Seasonal Activity

Destiny 2 Introduces Altars of Summoning in Season of the Witch

Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch brings a new activity called Altars of Summoning. Located in Savathun’s realm, players will assist Eris Morn in completing challenging rituals. This activity offers a unique twist compared to other exploration-based activities, requiring players to offer tributes and complete arenas. Altars of Summoning introduces a variety of objectives such as puzzles, coordination, and waves of enemies, providing an engaging and challenging experience. Here is a guide on how to complete Altars of Summoning in Destiny 2 and the rewards for doing so.

How Altars of Summoning Works

Altars of Summoning begins with the “Toil and Trouble” questline, followed by “The Bladed Path” seasonal questline. Players will enter a large open room and initiate the Ritual of Induction by stepping on the ring beneath the Savathun emblem and activating the button prompt. The quest marker will guide players to Eris Morn, officially starting the activity.

Examples of Summoning Rituals

There are different types of Summoning Rituals in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. These rituals come with unique objectives that players must complete:

  • Lucent Tribute: Harvest and deposit Burdens of Tribute
  • Ternary Minds: Defeat the Minotaurs
  • Arc Singers: Charge the Arc Crystals
  • Void Keepers: Destroy Void Crystals

How to Make an Offering in Altars of Summoning

During the Altars of Summoning activity, players will come across Offerings that can be made at specific stations. These offerings, such as Feeble, Robust, and Powerful, vary in difficulty and affect the challenge of the arena. Players can obtain offerings by participating in activities and can increase their chances of acquiring more offerings by equipping Veiled Tithes armor pieces.

Rewards in Altars of Summoning

Completing the Altars of Summoning activity rewards players with various gear pieces, weapons, and seasonal items. It serves as a great opportunity to collect valuable rewards and enhance your gameplay experience in Destiny 2.

Experience the exciting and challenging Altars of Summoning activity in Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch. Assist Eris Morn in completing rituals, overcome difficult objectives, and earn valuable rewards. Don’t miss out on this thrilling addition to the game!