How to catch Fullmoon Sardine

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Guide: How to Catch Fullmoon Sardine in FFXIV

The level 30 Fisher quest introduces a new mechanic in the vast wide world of fishing: time limited fish. In order to do this, you have to catch ten Fullmoon Sardines, which are only found at night. So grab your Spoon Worms and teleport to Costa Del Sol. Here’s how to catch Fullmoon Sardine in FFXIV.

‘Like Fish Passing in the Night’: Fullmoon Sardine Guide

While you could use other bait, Spoon Worm is the easiest to get. It’s the only bait that universally works to catch Fullmoon Sardine. After teleporting to the Costa Del Sol aetheryte, purchase it from the Merchant and Mender next to the Aetheryte at (30.4, 31.3) for only 7 gil a piece. You should be safe in the range of 2o-30 pieces of bait.

Now with the bait set on the hook, position yourself right about here on the map at (33.2, 33.8).

Fullmoon Sardine Fish Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You’ll know you’re at the right place if the fishing hole comes up South Bloodshore. Wait for the in game Eorzea time to hit 6 PM before you start fishing. Fullmoon Sardines can only be caught between 6 PM to 6 AM Eorzean time, unless you have the Fish Eyes skill to negate that.

If you don’t know what time it is in game, press Escape and go to Character Configuration, UI Settings, and the HUD tab. You’ll find a heading for ‘Clock Type’ and Eorzea Time is the first setting you can tick on. Once it’s ticked on, you’ll see it wherever you set your Server Info to be on the hub (by default, near the top right corner of the screen) with the label ET. If you want to be a fisher, you will always want this enabled to see it tick by in real time and plan your fishing windows.

Beyond this, catching Fullmoon Sardine is just a matter of waiting and hoping for the best. Chum will help a lot to ensure you get ten within the window, but you should have plenty of time to do so regardless.

Other Places to Catch Fullmoon Sardine

While the outlined hole is the easiest one, Fullmoon Sardine can be caught elsewhere in the game, with the same time restrictions:

  • Isles of Umbra Northshore in Western La Noscea at (15, 29)
  • Isles of Umbra Southshore in Western La Noscea at (12, 36)
  • Any Mist district at (11, 10)
  • Sapsa Spawning Grounds in Western La Noscea at (17, 15)

You can also put Fullmoon Sardines in aquariums. They’re also an ingredient for Devil’s Salad Bowl and Deviled Eggs, so if you end up with extra, they’re still useful for other purposes!

Now that you know how to catch Fullmoon Sardine in FFXIV, best of luck with RNG!